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Main Cause behind My Child’s Unhappiness at School


Symptoms & Reasons of Dissatisfaction of a Child at School:


Are you observing a very odd phenomenon into your school going kid’s personality daily, I mean s/he starts to cry in the morning or s/he starts to complain about belly (stomach) pain or headache or sometimes s/he requests you to change his/her school or always or mostly come home crying from school? Well, if your kid is showing one or all described symptoms then of course s/he is unhappy at school. Some more warning signs are unwillingness to do homework, low grades in exams, few friends at school, misbehaving with teachers, parents or class fellows, when you ask from your kids how was the school day then s/he refuse to talk about it, bullying at school, negative wording about school, teachers & other staff members etc. So, all these actually show displeasures of your kid at school. We know the fact that parents always want that their kid always perform well at school, brings good grades in annual exams, participates in non curriculum activities, make good friends, stay active at school & learn more. It is possible only when s/he will be happy, contented & satisfied at school but what if s/he is dissatisfied, unhappy & discontent at school?

Now the sensible question is “what are the actual reasons behind this unhappiness?” Whether only one big reason is working behind this discomfort at school or a mess of reasons? Sometimes it happens that those kid who are shy or compromising by nature they usually avoid showing their unhappiness at school. So, in such case it is better for parents to ask question about school but in an indirect manner & try to know whether s/he is happy or unhappy at school. It is also a better option to visit the school & check your kid’s habits (whether he is sitting alone or not, whether he participates in classroom activities or not). Ask from teachers. These habits or his/her attitude at school will help you to make an estimation about his/her dimness. Well, here I would like to share some causes of unhappiness of a kid at school. These reasons are observed generally in many cases of such kids. So, I am sure that after reading all these you will also be able to find the right reason & then you can take a wise action to solve the reason.

•    Education Related Stress: The first reason may be the educational anxiety or stress. This stress usually starts when your kid receives lots of home work, when s/he is unable to understand the difficult terms, when your kid never understand the teacher’s way teaching, when he sits in the last & cannot listen the teacher voice, when due to weak eye sight s/he cannot  note down the right things from the whiteboard. For solving this educational stress phenomenon parents should talk with class teacher.
•    Strict Behavior by the Class Teacher or Other Staff Members: When a teacher always shows strict behavior towards kids, always shouts on the kids or commonly give punishment to kids on not doing home work (without listening the valid excuse that is given by the kid) then kids never like to go school because they never like strictness. So, check if this is the reason & talk from the principal about the harsh behavior of your kid’s class teacher. Don’t just start to shout on the teacher but behave in a civilized manner. Tell the teacher that “your unkind behavior is impacting on my kid’s personality & s/he never like to come school”.
•    Existence of a Group of Mischievous Kids: The mischievous kids always try to irritate other kids. Mostly, it is observed that naught & ill-behaved kids make a group & then they try to frighten other kids. They snatch their lunches, they order to other kids to do their home work & sometimes they cross the limits & try to torture other kids physically or mentally. So, if such groups exist in school then these can cause the unhappiness or discontentment of other kids. Ask your kid about such naughty kids in a very friendly environment. Then take a right action by taking from the school administration. Parents should always have a friendly relation with their kids & they should give an assurance to their kids that they can help them in order to solve their problems.
•    Friendship Related Issues: Some kids fail in orders to make friends at school due to their shyness. So, when they see other kids are playing with their friends then they feel quite lonely & never like to go school.
•    Adjustment Issues: Sometimes it happens that your kid starts to go school then s/he may have some adjustment issues because before taking admission in school s/he may be spending lots of time with his/her grandparents, aunty, mother etc. This can create adjustment issues. In this case parents should talk with their kid, they should tell him/her about the importance of education & they can talk from the school administration to decrease the school timing for their kid in the starting days & then increase the time after some days.
•    Personal Issues: Sometimes your kid is unhappy at school due to some personal issues. For example if s/he is selected as the captain of a football team then he may never like to go school because the sports teacher never prefers him/her. So, in this case the teacher is not at fault because lot of other students who are performing well at football will be preferred by the teachers. So, in such case a discussion is needed. Talk with your kid & tell him/her that what if s/he is not good in football game; he can try some other in which s/he can perform well as compared from other kids.

In any case, before complaining to school administration, it’s better for you to assemble evidences & then talk in a polite manner. Before talking from school administration make sure do you really have a valid point. Complaining like this “what you are doing with my kid or this school is just ruining my kid’s personality” is not the right way. Always ask in a gentle way “can you tell me why my kid is not progressing well”, because gentleness always helpful & impress the other person. Best of luck to you! Find an accurate reason of the unhappiness of your kid at school & then take an appropriate action to solve the problem.


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