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How it Feels when I don’t Care at All…


Why I Stop Caring about anything??

We all know that life is not a bed of roses. It means there are rise and fall in our life. We all know that ups and downs are the parts of life. Sometimes we are at the peak position of our happiness and it seems like everything is perfect. But sometimes there comes a phase when we becomes stresses and frustrated from our surroundings, our situation and of course our conditions. But sometimes we are facing or suffering a situation which is totally unexpected to us and it internally affects our personality which brings lots of variations. But the main curious and serious thing happens when something internally damage us. And a stage become when stop caring about anything and become a car free and careless person. Oh my God really???I mean how does it feel to know that I really don’t care at all??? There are too many coincidences of such experiences in the life of many people but how we can detect this thing so let’s jump deeply inside your heart.

Like do you feel that nothing worth anymore?

Do you just feel that now I dnt care about any thing??

Do you think that let the things begin happen??

Do you no more afraid of disasters?

Do you stop thinking about what other people think about you?

Do you like I really dnt care what other people expecting from me?

So this is the stage when your stop caring about anything and start feeling a care free and careless attitude about yourself. Nothing value any more. So give a break to your life and you just need to ask yourself that what’s wrong with me??.. Really it takes time but things will become better. Just be what you are and what you want. You really start feeling better but you can never cut off yourself from your surroundings because it’s the part of your life.

So give yourself a break and take a refresh start.. trust me it works…..

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