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How I can perform My Household Tasks with My New Born Baby?

How to get housework done with a newborn baby (4)

Tips for Managing Household Chores with New Born Baby:

How to get housework done with a newborn baby (1)

When you become a mother of a baby then of course you need to manage time so that you can not only give appropriate to your baby, to other family members, to the house hold works as well as to the office (if you are working women). Well, at first glimpse it seems quite difficult to manage all these tasks. But the next immediate solution that usually comes into the mind of a busy mother is to hire“governance for baby & household chores”.  But if you have less income & can never afford to pay high amounts of charges to governance then what you should do? Well, I am here for helping you. Here I am going to share the some very easy tips & ways that can help the mothers to perform their daily household tasks even with a newborn baby. Read the following points carefully & become a super mom who not only love her baby but also know how to manage all things efficiently.

•    First of all you need to pay attention towards your routine I mean in how many times in a day you need to feed your baby? After feeding whether your baby play for some time or feel sleepy?

•    Second you need to note this timing. Try to perform your household tasks soon after feeding your baby because when your baby is not hungry then he/she will never cry even if you are not with him/her.

•    Try to buy a crib or cradle, so that, you can keep your baby in this cradle when you are performing your household chores.

•    Make sure the crib has fence on all sides so that you can put your baby in this cradle without fear of falling down due to movement.

•    If the crib is immovable then try to play very light music into the baby room so that your baby never feel alone & can play.

•    Try to perform household tasks when your baby is sleeping.

•    Another interesting option for those moms whose baby’s are very touch with them is to buy a cradle with wheels so that you can drag your baby with yourself while performing little household tasks. In this case you need to take care a lot especially when you are working in kitchen. Keep all spices away from baby; don’t use harsh sprays & other things that can damage your baby.

•    Try to manage your time very wisely. Perform all tasks but very efficiently. If in normal routine if you clean your home two times in a day then I think with a newborn baby your should bring some change into your routine & try to clean home only once in a day. I think you should clean home at night time before sleeping so that when you get up early in the morning then your home looks neat & tidy. Now you never need to clean it again & you can perform other tasks. Spend the whole day & again clean home before sleeping.
•    Try to keep your little baby essentials in a basket so that whenever you need a thing then you can find it from the basket. Keep this basket near baby cradle or at any other place where it is easy to access. When you can access things easily then you can save your time.

•    Try to seek help from friends & other family members. Ask them, can you play with my baby for some time so that I can perform some tasks of home? I am sure they will love to play with cute baby for some time. You can invite your little sister to come at your home & stay for a week so that she can help you. In next week, you can call your sister-in-law. Then think about your close friend. Ask your life partner to take-up some responsibilities from you for some months so that you can grew up baby in a well-way.

•    If you hesitate from seeking help from family & friends then try to hire, if you can afford, a servant for performing some tasks of home. I am not talking about a full time servant but a servant who can perform some heavy tasks of home. After giving birth to a baby, usually a woman can never perform heavy tasks easily. So, if you think you are weak then spend some money & hire a servant for half day (daily).

•    Try to avoid using noise things when you are performing your household tasks because this noise can become reason of weeping for baby. Try to use noiseless substitute.

•    You can use some baby carriers that usually help you to hold your baby at your back or front even during work. But make sure you never move your body so freely because it can cause your baby to fell down suddenly. Try to perform very light household tasks while using these body hugging baby carriers.


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