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Few Healthy Morning Routines to Start a Perfect Day


How to start my   day in perfect way


The   day when it starts  we  feel fresh and active  because  sleeping is compulsory  for the  human beings if we remain   busy in the work whole day then we become fed up and ill and no work can be done by us so we should   sleep 8 to 9 hours in a day to make fresh and active  morning and in the  morning we should  do  our all the work  in the morning  for the goodness of all the work and the keep yourself fresh you should get  up early in the morning and make a schedule of your all  routine  first  of all  write the duties of you on the   notebook .healthy morning routine make  the start of your day  awesome  and if your start of the day is good then  your night  will be also good  but in the  morning if your mood is  off then the whole day you remain  fatigue and feely  tired. There are some useful tips that can make your life good and mould your busy life in a perfect and successful life. If you are a working lady then it is so hectic work to manage two things in one time.


•    First of all   use the alarm and if get up on the alarm then go out for a walk and where do jogging and the running it will help you to maintain your figure and you feel fresh and active whole day.

•    When you return back at home drink plenty of water and   do yoga for few minutes and when you are doing yoga you should take deep breathe   then you should feel fresh and alive.

•    After the all exercise takes green tea if you don’t like green tea then you can go with the lemon and the water because this liquid is good for your body health.

•     After doing these things hold your tea cup and go in to your garden ,taros ,window which  place is available  for thinking   where you sit and  start meditate  about your family ,and your office and about your pending work etc.

•    Now it’s time to doing work of the home clean the house and if you are working lady and you have hired a maid for   cleaning the home then you start your preparation to go office.

•    Ready your children for school and give them lunch and take your healthy breakfast because the whole day is depend on your breakfast but don’t  eat too much  things in your breakfast because in the morning your  stomach is so much weak and your digestion  system is not enable to  eat  so much food.

•    In  the morning  don’t hurt anyone  and take care of your all family members and give them a good message in different ways like in your children  lunch box  keep a note that his/her other loves him/her a lot he will feel good and   say I love you to your husband through face book account ,text  ,messenger etc.

•    If you will make your house environment full of happiness and peaceful then you will yourself get up early in the morning and do your all work with full devotion.



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