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Whether Yogurt is Beneficial for Our Hairs, Skin & Health?

yogurt benefits for your health,skin and hairs

Yogurt a Great Reward for Human Beings:

Yogurt is beneficial for us or not? The answer is simply “Yes”. Yes, it is very beneficial. Milk is a great blessing for us from God & the yogurt is of course produced from milk. It is manufactured by bacterial fermentation process into the milk. Usually, the cow’s milk is used for making yogurt. It is said that yogurt is nutritionally a very good food for human beings. It is high in protein & calcium. It provides riboflavin, vitamin B12 & B6 to our body & we know that these all proteins & vitamins are necessary for us. Here I would like to share only some exclusive benefits of yogurt for our health, skin & hairs.

yogurt benefits for your health,skin and hairs

Yogurt Benefits for Our Health:

It has many health benefits such as eating yogurt can diminish the risk of high blood pressure. It is also helpful in soothing the stomach pain. It improves the working of our digestive system. It also eases lots of our belly problems. It is helpful for reducing the belly size & weight because it is low in calories. Yogurt deals with diarrhea in a best way. It is also helpful in order to giving relief to intestinal pain.
Now the question is how you can add such an important food item into your diet? Well, here are lots of ways, you can eat it with fruits, you can try yogurt beverages, simply take it in breakfast, lunch time, or try yogurt in salad dressing.

Yogurt Benefits for Skin:

I personally observe that yogurt is very helpful for making our skin glowing & acne free. The existence of anti-bacterial & bleaching powers in yogurt helps to make out skin flawless. The anti-fungal properties stop the skin allergies & inflammation.

•    It helps to exfoliate, hydrate & sooth the skin.
•    It helps for removing dead cells of skin.
•    Add glow on skin.
•    It has the ability to add an instant brightness into skin.
•    It helps to remove or reducing the blackheads & whiteheads
•    The anti bacterial properties of yogurt help to tackle with pimples & acnes.
•    It can also reduce the blemish or spots.
•    It relief the sun tan skin
•    It can cope with dark circles.
•    On skin for relieving the insect bites some people suggest the use of yogurt.
•    It moisturizes the skin.
•    It can reduce the premature aging signs, lines & wrinkles  lactic acid in yogurt help to
•    Sometimes, for dealing with severe skin disease such as chronic acne & eczema, different skin specialists suggest the use of yogurt (I mean they say eat yogurt).

For getting all the above described benefits of skin you can use yogurt in different ways. These are illustrated below.

•    Simply apply yogurt on skin for 15 min. then gently massage with very soft strokes of your fingers for 3 min & then wash with water. Then moisturize your skin with a good lotion. Repeat it once in a day or after two day. After one or two weeks use you can see the visible results.
•    Try to apply yogurt like a face mask. Mix yogurt with orange peel powder & get fair skin tone. You can apply this mask twice in a week.
•    The mixture of yogurt & honey also show positive results on skin.
•    Try to exfoliate your skin by using rice powder & yogurt mixture. Gently massage on face & then wash with water. Now moisturize you skin with lotion.
•    Try to eat yogurt in your daily diet.
•    Try to use the face pack of honey, rose water & yogurt once in a week. Take all ingredients as required.
•    You can also apply yogurt on face by mixing with turmeric & aloe Vera gel.

Yogurt Benefits for Hairs:

Similarly, for hairs you have magical benefits. These are illustrated below.

•    Shinny Hair: It can add an instant shine to dry & dehydrated hair by providing enough hydration. For adding shine into hairs you can use yogurt with eggs. Take some yogurt into a bowl (that is enough for your hairs). Now mix one egg in it. Apply this on your all hair like hair mask. Let it on your hairs for about half an hour & then wash your hair with regular shampoo. Apply twice in a week. I must say that after some weeks you can see a positive change into your dull & dry hairs.
Smooth & Silky Hairs: It is said by the experienced people that “Sour yogurt”, can be used as a hair conditioner. Some yogurt is used as deep conditioner for hairs. We all know that conditioning makes our hairs smooth, silky & soft.
•    Stop Hair Fall: Yogurt helps to stop the hair fall. Try to apply yogurt by mixing it with oil, some lemon drop & eggs before one hour of washing your hairs. It also helps to tackle with hair frizz.
•    Reduce Dandruff: It also helps to get rid from dandruff. Simply blended yogurt can be applied on hair scalp before bath.


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