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Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Wisdom Tooth Pain:


A big bright smile is the main essence of your face beauty and you can smoothly smile when you have beautiful, clean teethes without any hurdles or pain. Normally our teeth remain pain free but when there are some causes which may result in pain of your tooth like wisdom tooth. It can remind you the phase of tooth pain when you were toddler. Normally the wisdom tooth emerges between the age of 17th to 25.  If we talk about tooth pain then impaction may be the reason for this. Some main signs of pain of impacted wisdom teeth are jaw pain or it may be bad breath, swelling, redness and tenderness of gums etc.

There are many home remedies which may relief from tooth pain. These natural tips are actually helps you to getting rid of wisdom teeth pain. Because we know as wisdom teeth grow it hurts a lot. Fortunately these natural home remedy tips will immensely help you out in regarding with tooth pain because it really hurts a lot and will not let you focus on any other thing. Really if you apply all these natural tips then there is no need to rush towards the drug store of your area for hard and fast medicines over the counter tooth pain when you can get relied from natural things that you have got already at your home.

Here are some remedies that help you out to get rid from tooth pain.


Onion is the best natural remedy to get relief from tooth pain cut an onion into pieces and then place that in the inner side of your cheeks where your teeth pains. Leave it in your mouth from 10 to 15 minutes and then bite to extract the juice. Yes we know all people can’t stand with the taste of onion then they may use other tips.

Ice Pack:


Using an Ice Pack is an amazing idea to put it in your outer side of your jaw where your teeth hurt and it may give you relief from pain and inflammation. Try to put ice pack for 15 minutes until your pain subside it really works you must try this.

Cayenne Pepper Paste:


It will surely draw out your pain at once it may just burn for a bit. If you can stand with or handle a little burn then surely you will get relief quickly. To prepare this mixture take a tea spoon of cayenne pepper and mix it with one spoon of water and mix well until it gives a thick paste like shape.

Other Remedies:

Some other remedies may also help you out in this regard like clove may also help in this regard, apple cider vinegar is almost present in all houses and it is a best way to get relief from tooth pain. And other things like vanilla, guava leaves, wheat grass, peanut butter, olive oil, ginger, oregano etc.




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