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Honey Benefits and Uses for Skin


Tips to use honey for fresh skin


There are  many things which are used for the protection of our skin because there the human  being  has been created where God has created many use ful things for their benefits  so this nature is full of natural items which are helpful in our  different issues of life .Skin is most sensitive and   beautiful part of human body but when we apply it many artificial things then it becomes damaged and many face problems are occurred so we should be go with natural because  if the natural things cannot be  effected on our face then there is no reaction of that things  but is should be pure .There are many treatment and many creams ,face packs ,facial, anti aging  wrinkle free mask and bleaches are available in the market but all are must  made  must with  any chemical because nothing which is made for  immediate result  can be make pure .Here we are talking about honey which is very useful for our skin because it maintain our natural beauty. Honey works not only on face but it is used in so many places like body and hairs because it protects the skin  and make it soft and smooth.




Some girls who enter in the age of teen then it is fact that acne and pimple must appear on the face of hat youngsters because the hormones are changing in our bodies whether they are girls or boys. These young guys should not use the chemical made things rather they should use honey on their pimples .Take a layer of honey in their hand and apply on your face and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse it with Luke warm water.


Some people have many problem on their skin then they should drink milk with honey because it will keep you healthy and glowing skin because if your stomach is clean then a healthy and shinning face is automatically in front of you. If you   much weight and want to reduce it then you can use Luke water and honey with lemon  in the morning in empty stomach then it will be great effected on your skin and best tonic for  lose your weight.


Anti aging and freckles can create very infeority complex in the ladies they consider themselves they are going toward old age and can’t bear that anyone say us old then you should use egg and honey mask at night after 4 to 5 days it will keep   you save for sometime from wrinkles and freckles and give you a shiny skin.



Honey is best for your body massage if you mix the honey with rose water and then bath you will feel fresh and alive for whole day and honey is best for facial if you are going in day time then it is best for you that you should must use sunburn of honey when you come back at home because it is best for away all impurities and dust from your face.


The girls whose marriage is very near they should apply   turmeric and rose water with honey and Upton then you will feel your face is much brighter than before and on the day of your wedding you  appearance is different and everybody ask you which thing is applied by you

Before your wedding days.



There are many benefits of honey because it is used in anti aging, wrinkles,freckles,acne ,dark circles ,moisturizer ,pore cleanser  and sunburn treatment   can be cured through honey  with different natural things which is effected for your skin and make your skin glowing  and you can use  face wash with lemon and honey and save it in the jars and wash your face with this face packs.

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Honey is very effective and beneficial for your health but it must be pure and real because if we use unreal and adulterated honey on our faces then many sebum and   germs are happened on our faces so when you are going to buy the honey so check it that it is real if the honey continue its color and shape and not freeze then it is real but if you see many flies and bees are near to the honey then it is unreal and impure .So please buy honey carefully.



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