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Effective Ways for Masking Your Dry & Blackish Lips Soft & Pink

Easy Tricks to Get Soft & Pink Lips:

It is a fact that ladies are very much conscious about their beauty. They are conscious about latest fashion as well. But always keep one thing into your mind that if you never keep yourself maintained then fashionable outfits will also never look good on you. Similarly, if your facial features are messy & rough I mean there are dark circles under eyes, your lips are cracked, there is acne everywhere then you will look quite odd. So, try to pay attention towards the solution of these problems with each ways that this blog try to provide time to time.
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Lips are most prominent feature of our face so I think as you take care & become very much conscious about the your lips similarly you should think about your lips. The soft & pink lips are considered as a beauty element of a woman’s personality. So, dear it’s the right time to heel your cracked lips, try to avoid blackish or whitish lips & pay attention towards the pinkish lips plus always try to keep your lips soft so that these can never look rough & dry. Today, on this page I am going to share some very easy tips with you that will surely help you a lot. Read the following points!

•    You can make your lips soft simple by applying Vaseline on your lips on regular basis.
•    You can make a lip balm plus lip exfoliate at home simply by using salt, sugar, olive oil, Vaseline & lip balm as shown into the following picture. Mix these ingredients & store in a little container. This will not only exfoliate your lips but also give them a smooth look. After using it on lips for about 5 to 7 min (gently rub for 2 minute) you need to remove it with water & then moisturize your lips with Vaseline.

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•    Try to apply chap-stick on your lips for making soft.

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•    Honey is the best food item that is delicious to eat plus it will make your lips soft & pink. Apply it on lips let it for about 10 min then wash lips & apply moisturize. You can also apply honey before sleeping on your lips & let it on your lips all over the night. Wash in the early Moring & moisturize lips.

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•    Cucumber slices when kept on the lips also shows positive results.

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•    You can also apple milk cream on lips.

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•    Try almond or coconut oil massage on lips. You can also apply it overnight.
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Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot.



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