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Effective and Beneficial Natural Home Remedies for Dark Lips

pink and dark lips

Dark lip’s expression:

Dark lips produce sorry and ill expression. It easily spoils the facial beauty and most of girls remain enormously worried due to their dark lips. Charming red and rosy lips produce very effective and attractive expressions. It is one of biggest mark of beauty and girls who have excellent red rosy lips beauty looks enormously fetching while they speaks. Those who are worried due to their dark lips suffered the lack of confidence. For those ladies here we are sharing some excellent beauty tips which are fantastically excellent in their results.

tips and tricks for dark lips

By some homer remedies you can get rid of black and dark lips. Her we are sharing some excellent and highly effective. By using some easily available home remedies, you can get the charm and attractive beauty of pinkish and red rosy lips. These beneficial tips which we are sharing are excellently terrific in their results while quite easy in their practice. By some little effort you can easily get rid of dark lip. Let’s discuss these amazing and matchless home remedies which are superbly excellent and highly effective to remove the dark expression from your lips.

•    Lemon is used to remove dark skin patches and spot. It is also best to get rid of dark lips. Apply two or three lemon juice drop at your lips and massage it gently before going to bed. Leave this juice at your lips for whole night. You will find the positive result in one month.

Lemon Juice   for dark lips
•    Sugar is matchless to remove all dead skin and to exfoliate the lips gently. Mix two teaspoon of sugar powder with some butter and apply this paste at your lips. Gently massage it and repeat this remedy for two or three times in week.

Remedy tips
•    Olive oil is full of natural ingredients and moisturizer. You can directly use extra virgin olive oil at your lips. Apply one or two drops of olive oil at your lips and massage it gently. It will add a fine shine and glossy grace on your lips and restore its natural color.

•    Beetroot is also matchless to get rid of dark lips. Apply two to here drops of pure beetroot juice at your lips and leave it for whole night, ash your lips next morning. Its natural red color will change the dark color o your lips beautifully.

pink and dark lips
•    Rose water and roses are also matchless in their performance to remove the darkness from lips. Beat some rose petal and make a paste like thing from petals. Add some fresh butter in this petal’s paste and apply this paste at your lips. Repeat this remedy for three to four times n a week for get desired results.

pink rose pink lips
•    Petroleum jelly and strawberry juice can also assist you in get d of dark lips. Take one tablespoon of petroleum jelly and one spoon of pure strawberry juice. Mix both these ting s in a container and make a pinkish jelly type lips balm. Aptly this balm at daily bases to get demanded results.

natural home remedies
•    Honey is natural ingredient for mot of skin and beauty problems. It is also best to remove darkness from the lips. Put a drop of honey at your lips and massage it gently. It will naturally moisturize you r lips and remove the darkness.
lemon honey lip serum
•    Cucumber s full of fresh natural qualities. It is best to get desired lips. Apply cucumber juice at your lips and leave it as long as you can. Repeat this remedy at daily bases and see the difference within one month.

Cucumber juice for dark lips

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