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Whether Himalayan Salt Lamps are Beneficial for Health or Not?

himalayan salt lamp do they work (1)

Facts about Himalayan Salt Lamps:

himalayan salt lamp do they work (1)

You have seen salted lamps into the home of your neighbors or on the computer desk of your friend’s home. So, a though that usually comes into your mind is why people use salted lamps? Is it a fashion? You may also listen many rumors about these salt lamps that these are good for health. Are these or not?  Today, I am going to reveal the most interesting facts about the Himalayan slat lamps. So, don’t go anywhere. Just sit comfortably & read the following point carefully. Hopefully, after reading the all points you may be able to take a wise decision about salt lamps.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

As the name “Himalayan Salt Lamp” very clearly showing that we are talking about those lamps which are made by using specific Himalayan salt. The little pieces of Himalayan salt are converted into different interesting shapes & then a bulb is attached into these shapes for the purpose of creating lamps. These are inexpensive & easily available.

What is the Relationship between Himalayan Salt Lamps & Health?

You may be thinking what is the relationship between Himalayan salt lamp & health? Well, here is a description; it is said by the supporters of “Himalayan salt lamps” that these lamps generate the negative ions. Negative ions are usually those ions which freshen up the mood & health of human beings. Negative ions are frequently found or generated from nature, water, sun light & other natural things & we know the fact that when we go in sunlight & at once we feel quite fresh. Similarly when we go near sea side then our mood boost up. Furthermore, when we go into the garden then due to emission of negative ion from nature we feel renewed. So, it is said that Himalayan salt lamp usually generate negative ions that helps people is order to freshen up their mood. Furthermore, it is said that negative ion usually clean the air, make air bacteria free, cope with airborne bacteria, cigarette smoke & other particle exists in air. Negative ions makes air clean, thus leads towards healthy breath & reduce breath/respiratory healthy issues.

The opposite of negative ion is the positive ions. Positives ions are usually generated from the refrigerator, computers, oven & other electrical devices used in home or in factories. These positives ions usually have negative impact on health. These usually leads towards the health problems such as restlessness, insomnia (sleeplessness), bad temper, anxiety, faintness, migraine, sickness, feeling like vomit, irregular heartbeat, a sudden feeling of heat,  sudden sweating or chilliness, shivering etc.

So, the supporters of Himalayan salt lamps said that these lamps generate negative ions. So, if you keep these into your home, bedroom, kitchen, lounge, library then these will have a very good effect on your health. Furthermore, the generation of positive ions will help to cope with positive ions (that usually exists from the electric devices that are present in your home). Sometimes, positives ions are cancelled from negative ions & your home air remain fresh, destroy pollutants & makes air bacteria free. Furthermore, the beautiful view of these lamps looks good when someone look towards these lamps. So, it not only works for health but become a best decorative piece for home with soft orange light.

How Negative Ions Generate From Salt Lamps?

As we know that salt has a tendency to absorb the extra moisture from the air so, when a blub into the lamp turns on then water that exists on the surface of salt lamps start to evaporate due to heat of bulb & negative ions are generated during this process of evaporation.

Does Himalayan Salt Lamp Generator Sufficient Amount of Negative Ions or Not?

Different experts’ studies & researches shows that Himalayan salt lamp release negative ions but its amount is very less that’s not enough. They first tried to measure the level of negative ions that are generated by the salt lamp b y keeping their ions detector device near the lamp then the take their ions detector device outside into the natural environment & surprising their detector shows a higher level of negative ion into the natural atmosphere but very less when kept near salt lamp.

Whether this whole drama is only for Generating Money or not?

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Well, it’s yes that Himalayan salt lamp generator negative ions but their amount is insufficient. So, if a seller of himanlayan salt lamp describes lots of health advantage of this lamp then I think this seller is just trying to obtain your money from your pocket. Different people who make claims that this thing benefited us like that way but I think these all people are also trying to make money by supporting a product. Yes, I know every person want to be healthy & active as the others but you need to be wise while taking a decision. I think Himalayan salt lamps are good only for home decoration but not give as much health benefits as described by its sellers. So, be wise & take a right decision!


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