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What is Motion Sickness & How can Beat it?

0 motion sickness during travel. (1)

Motion sickness causes & its overcome ideas

0 motion sickness during travel. (1) 0 motion sickness during travel.

Motion sickness is also known by travel sickness or seasickness that is uncomfortable dizziness & sensation of wooziness. This occurs when your brain gets disturb messages by organ systems such as you are a rider of train or bus car and moving you but your eyes are reading a book and feel that you are sit still and your muscles also will tell your brain that you are in motionless action. In this case, mind becomes little confused and begins conflict among senses that can causes of headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach problem or lightheadedness. Sometimes bad chemicals, fuel and petrol smells can also suffer you in giddiness condition. Children from 4 to 12 years & women are more anxious from this motion sickness than young adult men. You don’t need to be worried about its illness because this is not harmful and easy to treat. Here are effective great tips to control this queasy condition that mostly faced during travel but firstly, you should known some tricks those used before travel to prevent from suffer in motion sickness.
Cares to avoid from motion sickness:
•    Firstly, you should share your doctor about this motion sickness and your unease condition during travel. He/she will recommend miner tablet like Hyoscine, Antihistamines etc or give advice to get rid from the dilemma.
•    You should eat a little single slice of ginger or use it in tea and take it before journey this will keep your stomach calm down and prevent from vomiting & dizziness.
•    Avoid eating heavy food during travel & stay away from alcohol drinks because these disturb your digestive system during motion your body and cause of vomiting & lightheadedness.
•    You should never read book or watch movie during suffer if your feel headache or tiredness during travel.
•    Keep your eyes & ears in same motion that your body is feeling. For example, see outside from window or front door and convey right messages of your brain.
•    Sit at least motion seat if you are a patient of motion sickness. In the airplane over wing seat is comfort for you while in the car front seat is apposite for you. If you are in a boat or ship then middle deck is accurate place for your ease travel.
•    Take fresh air and open the window to relief your unease body.
•    Avoid too many talks during travel and keep calm that is better to face motion sickness.
•    Enjoy travel with music; it will also keep your attention towards motion.



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