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Utmost Easy Aand Amazing Tricks To Keep Your Body Healthy And Fit


There are number of quotes about health like “Health is Wealth” and etc. at one time, we all find it very boring and used to write only in our essays and to teach other people. when it comes to own, we find ourselves a bit lazy about health and fitness, actually a lot lazy.

Being lazy sometimes its ok but being lazy to skip your fitness routine and switch to unhealthy diet is worst for human body.

Our body is like a baby and we have to protect it from surroundings and stuff like that in order to make it grow perfectly. What would happen if you leave your baby in whatever position for long time, his/her body will grow in abnormal manner and it will cause unnecessary and unwanted situations.

Similarly, if you don’t care for you body, you will look unfit and unattractive to opposite gender which will lower your self esteem.
Here are some basic health tips which would definitely help you to keep your body healthy and fit.

Exercise routine:


We all heard about exercise that it is pretty much healthy for human body. Well it’s true and some people who are addicted to their personality and fitness, they go to gym on regular basis. It is not must to go to gym regularly. You can also do exercise tricks guided from internet at home.

Say no to processed food:


Let’s be real, we can’t completely discard processed food from our meals but what we can do it to use it on minimal basis. By mean of minimal, I mean to say once in moth or two.

Have fruits instead of heavy meals:


Fruits are filled with each and everything we need. Try to add fruit in your daily diet in order to make your body fit and active. Don’t go over with things because excess of everything is bad.

Try more than 3 meals:


I know that it might sound stupid that if you have to go fit and healthy you should eat less and I am recommending you to eat more. By eating more I mean to say that try to have light healthy snack, not processed one. There is great difference of time between lunch and dinner. If you don’t eat anything between this break, you are going to end up eating more at night.

Prepared snacks:


Go for healthy snacking and prepare it in advance so that you can eat it whenever you feel light hunger.

Drink water:


Everyone knows that drinking water is healthy. Just set target of 8 glasses a day and take it. Try to take water in sitting position because standing position will cause damage to knee while drinking water.


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