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Tips & Remedies to Retain Good Eyesight

2eye exercises

How to Take Care of Eyes for Maintaining Eyes Health?

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Eyes are most impressive, important & sensitive part of our face. No doubt that these are only eyes that adds an instant charm & beauty into our overall personality. That’s why there is a great need to take care of eyes because if your eyes will lose sight due to ignorance then dear you will be deprived from enjoying the colors of life in true meaning. Here are some important points if you keep these all points into the mind then you can not only maintain your eyesight in a good way but your eyes can become healthy. First of all there is great need to visit an eye specialist so that you can get an idea whether your eyesight is weak or good. If it is weak then of course you will follow the instruction of doctor & you will use the prescribed medicines. But along with following doctor’s instruction I think you need to pursue the following points. Hopefully these will also help you a lot in coping with eye weakness or in maintaining good eyesight as well as for solving some other problems.

General Instruction to Take care of Eyes:

•    If a vision problem is recognized by the doctor then use prescribed medicines regularly & wears your spectacles.
•    If you don’t have vision problem then you can visit doctor on yearly basis.
•    If you use computer then be sure that you blink your eyes after some minutes. After half an hour you must look here & there so that your eyes feel relaxed for some time. Make sure your eyes & computer both are at same level.  If computer is above from your eyes or low from eyes then it can cause pain in the eyes.
•    If you use eye makeup regularly then remove make up before sleeping by using a soft cotton ball.
•    If you like then you can add some drops of rose water in eyes because this act as a cleanser for eyes.
•    When you go outside in sunlight then wear sunglasses so that you can protect your eyes from UV rays of sun.
•    Sleep well. Take full sleep that is almost 7 to 8 hours per night.
•    Remove contact lens before sleeping.
•    Don’t rub eyes.
•    Always wash hand before you use your hand for adding or removing contact lenses.
•    Never use eye drops without proper prescription of a doctor.
•    Don’t look directly towards a sharp/dark light. Use Goggles or telescope.
•    When you go on beach for swimming then wear glasses during swimming so that salty water can never enter into your eyes.

How to Obtain Necessary Vitamins & Minerals for Eyes from Fruits & Vegetables?

By using different fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds you can get those vitamins & minerals that can make your eyesight good but also maintain good eyesight.

•    Vitamin A: It is found in meat, fish, poultry & dairy products milk, egg, yogurt etc. It is also found in fresh fruits & vegetables.
•    Vitamin B2: due to lack of vitamin B2 your eyes become red & allergic. So, fulfill its requirement by using those food items in which it is found. It is found in almonds, eggs, fish, sesame seeds, sea food, cheese etc.
•    Vitamin C: It is found in fruits such as oranges, mangos, papayas & in vegetables such as green peppers, broccoli, kale etc.
•    Vitamin E: It is found in nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts & in vegetable oils such as soybean, sunflower & corn oils.
•    Zinc: It is found in Spinach, beans, cabbage, meat, sea food etc.
•    Carrot: one of best food items for eyes is the carrots. So eat carrots as you can eat.
•    Omega-3- fatty acids are also necessary for eyes health.
•    Water: Drink more water because it keeps your eyes hydrated.

Home Remedies for Treating Eyes Problems:

•    For Itchy Eyes: If you feel itchiness into the eyes then sprinkle some water on eyes. You can also place the chilly tea bags on the eyes for 2 or 3 min. keep the used tea bags in refrigerator for one hour & now place these on eyes. Hopefully, your eyes feel relaxed.
•    For dark Circles: For removing dark circles different things can be used such as you can keep tomato or potato or cucumber slices on eyes. The use of tea bags on eyes is also best way to remove dark circles. Dip the cotton balls in milk & apply wet cotton ball on eye for reducing dark circles. Every remedy required 4 to 5 time repetition.
•    For Dry Eyes: Put cucumber slices on eyes. Drink water. Apply lavender oil on eyes by mixing it with water because it cans relief the dryness of eyes. You can also apply aloe Vera gel on eye lid for reducing dryness.
•    For redness & Inflammation: Use potato slices on eyes for 2 to 4 min. Before using slices put these into refrigerator then use cold slices.
•    For Eye Wrinkles: You can apply butter on the wrinkled area near eyes. Gently massage. Apply two times in a day. Massage for 3 min & then wash eyes & moisturize. Use continuously for two to three weeks. Hopefully it will reduce eye wrinkles.

Exercises for Eyes:

2eye exercises

Some exercises for eyes can be very helpful especially when you are working in front of a computer screen for long hours. These exercises improve eye’s blood circulation, reduce eye strain & adds spark in eyes.

•    Looking Up & Down: First look up, hold for 3 to 5 seconds, now relax your eyes & now look down, hold for 3 to 5 seconds & now relaxed again for 2 to 3 seconds. Repeat it for about 4 to 5 times. Looping up is called supraduction & looking down is called infraduction.
•    Looking Left & Right: The same method that is illustrated above is also applicable here but here you need to look left & right direction. Looking right side is called abduction & looking left side is called adduction.
•    Circular Movement: You can also move your eyeballs in circular motion (either is extortion [excycloduction] motion or in intorsion [incycloduction] motion).

Hopefully, these all points will help you a lot.



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