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Remedies For Reduce the Lice and Itching



Everything which is connected to our body need care and attention but hair which are much sensitive part of our body .We all have different hair and the color ,shape ,length totally change to one another.Ladies are much ambitious about their hair because they like long hair but unfortunately they can,t achive their aim because some hair problems can destroy the over all growth of our hair .The main cause of stopping our hair growth is dandruff ,lices and nit .But some scientists say that a lice should be must in your hair because when it becomes the cause of your itching then your hair move toward growing period.You are well known from lice and their eggs means nits very tiny kid of lices . Lices are mostly in the hair of children because they are playing with others in school ,play grounds ,and other together places .

Various ideas to finish your lices:

Lices are very bad for our hair when you are present in any public place you have to face shame when you are scrathing in your hair ,then it is good for you that you should use such things for over come all lices and nit.

  • You can get rid of lices through home accessories just like mayyonise which is best to remove your lices and anti-dandruff .If you have much lices in your hair then you should use mayyonise with mustard oil.Before applying your head you should make a paste in a bowl and apply before going on your bed .Whole night it works on your hair and when you get up early in the morning and wash your hair with your daily shampoo you can see your hair is free from all lice and nits .

If you want to remove your lice through oiling then tarra meera oil is best for remove your all lice and nits .If you are not know about tarra meera then you can say radish oil . In winter season your hair dandruff is very increasing because winter is dry season and your hair becomes oily very rapidly.

  • It is best way to reduce your lice and their eggs when you take a bath you should use nits comb in your hair after every shower because it can transfer from one to other. Now many anti lice shampoos are in the market which is very useful for your hair and save you from lice and nits. Girls should not use the other comb and brush it can transfer the other lice in your hair because the egg of lice stick on the brush and when you use that brush they also enter in your hair
  • Olive oil is a God gifted thing which is useful in everything whether it is cooking, it is treatment and whatever in which you like you can use. With olive oil you can use vinegar it can reduce your lice and give a sparkling look to your hair. If you want to use lice with vinegar then it is also good idea with vinegar you can add mineral oil which is use in anti lice shampoo but when you use any shampoo you should buy a branded shampoo because a fake shampoo can destroy your hair and stop the growth of your hair.
  • Petroleum jelly is a well known thing which is used in mostly houses ,you can use a double lair on your hair on the night it works all over night but beware when you are using petroleum jelly then you have to should use shampoo and conditioner to finish all the petroleum jelly from your hair .Coconut milk is very common and best for lice removing when you are going to be showered you can apply the coconut milk before three to four hour and cover your hair with a cap It work in these hours and reduce your lice .

These are different ideas to get rid of lice and their eggs if you have plenty of lice and nits then you can get rid of these small monsters because it becomes the cause of your insult in the public place when you are scratches your scalp. These are very easy and homemade ideas which can be easily adopted by you.

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