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How To Gain Weight With Healthy Food Diet

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Not only the obesity but being under weight is also a big problem for some people. Boys and girls both becomes victim of sarcastic remarks if they are under weight. To look prominent and healthy for some body parts is essential thing to look nice and perfect.

People do great struggle and it can be equally hard to gain weight as to lose. For weight lose you have to keep away from alcohol and diet that contain fats but to gain weight do not think that drinking of alcohol or food with fats will help you.

Not just a big bloated belly means that you are with healthy body but for healthy body you have to review your diet plan. With the addition of certain foods and exercise to your diet plan you can gain weight and those foods are given here.

Do not think that exercise is only to lose weight but for people who are under weight exercise is necessary for muscles and for body. Some foods that can help you in obtaining weight are given here:

Eat energy dense food:

Energy dense food such as meat, chicken, pork, lamb and grains like oats and brown rice are very good for health. Make plan of having meal three times per day. Add full fat yogurt, cream and cheese to your foods. In vegetables potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams can help you in obtaining weight. Dark chocolate, peanut butter, coconut milk and trail mixes are the things you would love to eat and beside taste these will help you I obtaining health and weight.

Eat heavy breakfast:

The habit of not taking breakfast is the most unhygienic habit so no matter how much you are getting late; you must take your breakfast. Eat breakfast like a king as that will also help in boosting your metabolism.

You can have different shakes in breakfast like banana butter shake or blue berry protein milk shake, chocolate and oat protein hake etc. In breakfast food hat contain protein is best for you. You can eat omelet that is full of protein and protein helps in muscles mass and for obtaining healthy weight.

You can make omelet using butter, potatoes and cumin seeds that will make the omelet healthy for you. One glass of whole milk in breakfast can help you in making healthy body.


Rice is the most available thing that you can have on low-cost in home for gaining health. One cup of cooked rice contains 190 calories, 43grm of carbs and little fat in it. It means that you can have high calories and carbs in this single meal. You can combine rice with other fats to make it full of taste and health.

Fats and oils:

If you add one tablespoon of oil to food then this addition will provide you 135 calories. You can include healthy oils like olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil to your food. I you want to gain weight then you must avoid vegetable oil and should prefer olive oil, coconut or avocado oil. You can add these oils to salads or sauces that will also give more delicious taste to them.

Eat dark chocolate to obtain weight:

Eating dark chocolate can give you many calories and also the bars of the chocolates provide fire, magnesium and antioxidant, the compounds which help in promoting health. So eat dark chocolate as nuts in super time and this will only make you amaze with delicious taste but also will help you in gaining weight.

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