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Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

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Is Olive Oil Beneficial for Skin or Not?

few tips of olive oil skin (1) few tips of olive oil skin (2) few tips of olive oil skin (3)

Well the answer of the above question is “yes” from my side because I have personally observed lots of benefits from this amazing product. My lots of friends also discuss about it & told me about its miracles. So, here I am going to share it advantages for you. Although olive oil is beneficial for health, skin, hairs, nails etc but here I am only going to throw light on its skin related benefits. The skin from your head to feet toe is included. If you cast a look towards cosmetic industry then of course you can find lots of products from lotion to soaps that include olive oil as ingredient. In olden times, it was used by the ladies for hair massage as well as for making rough & dry skin smooth & soft. Still, in this modern age, ladies are using it as a skin softening product. It is easily available in every part of this world on suitable price tags. It is not expensive. So, don’t worry about it price just look towards it benefits that are surely very valuable & priceless.

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin:

Here I illustrated some benefits of olive oil for skin. Read carefully & inform yourself with its amazing miracles.

•    Olive oil is rich in minerals vitamin A & E as well as in natural fatty acids so of course it can give lots of benefits to your skin.
•    It acts against ageing & helps to reduce wrinkles.
•    It is beneficial for dry skin. When you user it on dry skin then it nourishes you skin, makes it soft, adds elasticity on skin & of course adds a beautiful youth effect on your skin.
•    It also acts as antioxidants & thus sooths the itchy skin.
•    Olive oil is also very beneficial for redevelop & renew the skin cells.
•    It can also be applied around the cuticles of nails & makes cuticles skin soft.
•    It can also help to reduce dandruff from the hair scalps. Yes, here we are talking about skin benefits from olive oil so the skin from your head to feet include in this topic. Just like olive oil treats dry skin similarly it can reduce the dryness from the hair scalps.

Who can Use it & who should avoid it?

The ladies or girls who have rosacea (a skin problem when your skin blood vessels enlarge & give a fleshed look on nose or cheeks) then avoid the use of olive oil. Similarly, avoid it use on skin with acne & pimples.

Ways of Using Olive Oil:

Here I discuss some very easy ways to use olive oil for making your skin smooth, healthy & soft. Read these carefully & try to add such as important thing into your routine.

•    You can use it during bath. Yes, fill water into a bath tub, now add liquid body soap in it & then add 5 t 7 table spoon of olive oil in bath tub. Soak your body in this water for 15 to 20 minutes. Gently rub then wash with water. No matter whether there is winter season or summer because you can use olive oil in both seasons. The only difference is that in winter use lukewarm water while in summer use cold water.
•    Another way of using olive oil on skin is to massage your body with olive oil before taking bath. Massage almost for half an hour or you can visit a salon/spa for this purpose because for body massage you need someone help, it cannot be done alone while you can simply massage your hands, feet, legs, arms, & face before bath by using olive oil.
•    Try to use those body, hand or face lotions or creams that have olive oil as basic ingredient. In winter these lotions of creams can soften your dry skin while in summer these can be used for moisturizing or hydrating your skin.
•    Try to use Olive oil as make up remover.
•    An olive oil eye cream can also be used for reducing fine lines under eyes, eye bags & dark circles.
•    Try to use an olive oil face mask by one egg yolk with olive oil & apply on face when it dries then wash with water. You can also add lemon juice (few drops) in it for getting bleaching or whitening effect on your skin.
•    If you have dry skin then tries to use it as moisturizer after every wash.
•    Massage your hair scalps with olive oil for reducing dandruff or itchiness. You can massage almost one hour before washing your hairs.
•    Apply it near nail cuticles for making them soft.

How much quantity of Olive Oil I can Use on my Skin?

Don’t use it very much. Don’t use it daily but if you have dry skin then you can use twice in a week while for normal skin only use it once in a week.


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