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How I can get Rid from Severe Headache?

1 Fingertip fo massage To Get Rid Of Headaches

Tips for Relieving Head Pain:

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Headache is a very common problem. From little kids to teenager & from young to old almost every person have to face it in different parts of life. Some face headache due to lack of sleep, some due to tension, some due to load of work & some due to lack of financial recourses. There are many reasons that can work behind head pain. But the important point is that how you can get rid from headache because due to this problem you can never perform your daily activities. You feel quite irritated. Due to head pain you can never bear the noises of people or traffic. You cannot enjoy parties or food. So, what you should do? Here are some natural home remedies for reducing headache. I am sure that these tips will surely be very beneficial for you. So, don’t go anywhere, just read the following points carefully & cure head pain at home by following these valuable & harmless tips.

•    Try to take a bath with lukewarm water. Add Epsom salt in water if possible. This salty water help to relief pains.
•    Try to add pressure on head with thumb & index finger.
•    Another easy tip for relieving headache is to use the idea of cold compress. Try to apply ice pack on area of head where you feel headache or you can keep it neat temples of head.
•    Massage your head with oil. Say someone to massage your head very gently.
•    Find the main cause of headache. Is it lack of sleep? If yes then take your full sleep.
•    Sometime headache starts due to dehydration. So when you feel headache then try to drink at least two or four glasses of water with proper gaps.
•    Try to drink water by adding some drops of lemon juice because lemon has the properties of energizing, refreshing & soothing the body muscles.
•    Some prefer to put pressure in between your left hand thumb & index finger area with your other hand fingertip to get rid from Headaches as shown below into the picture. But you need right practice for diagnosing right pressure point. This point is called hoku point. Don’t do this if you are unsure about it.
1 Fingertip fo massage To Get Rid Of Headaches
•    Try to go outside into natural environment. This will leave a good effect on your mind. If you are feeling headache due to boredom then it will help you a lot.
•    If you are not a patient of blood pressure then you need to keep one pinch of salt on your tongue for 10 to 12 min. After 10 to 12 min drink a water of glass. Hopefully, it reliefs your head pain.
•    Make sure you are talking healthy & balanced diet. This will reduce the chances of head pain.
•    In severe case you can try to take a pain killer on the prescription of doctor.


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