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Healthy Summer Care Tips to Have Proper Diet

Healthy Diet Care Tips for Summer

Yayyy!! We are forwarding towards summer and hopefully the great time for picnics, enjoyments and fun also but wait for a minute, do you exhaust with sweating and dehydration in summer? Then you must need some care tips for keeping your diet healthy in the hot season. The severe condition of hot summer in Pakistan makes us all dehydrated and we feel faint all the time, so to boost up energy level or to be fresh in hot days of summer a well planned and fruitful diet is the valuable requirement for all the people. Looking for the collective data of previous year in Pakistan there occurred deaths due to reaching the temperature at its highest degree. That’s why I consider it right to give all of you some ideas to beat the hotness of summer achieving the healthy diet routine that will further help you to lesser the chances of heart strokes that usually occur in summer. Going back to the years the condition was not severe as it is today because of certain reasons like atomic inventions and use, pollution, noise etc and due to the changing climate conditions we are bearing the relentless outcomes of weather that is, too much hotness in summer. Well make your summer routine natural avoiding the hot drinks and dishes that can further boost your body temperature and in a way you will lose the energy level having much problems like skin, hair, stomach, dehydration, and heat strokes.

Water and just water:

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Due to sweating, the body loses most of the water and this shortage of water is harmful for health so keep the bottles of water with you and take a start drinking maximum 6-8 glasses. Nimbu pani or lemon water is also great to lesser the hot effects of summer so you may squeeze the lemon juice in your water and drink it all the day to be fresh.

Fresh juices:

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You must add the fresh juices in the summer routine as they keep the body temperature cool and even nutritious for a good diet. Water melon smoothie and mint smoothie is very useful in this matter.

Yogurt for breakfast:

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Yogurt contain the healthy nutrients and if you are bearing the itchiness, allergy or the skin problems in summer then yogurt for breakfast can help you fantastically. You can eat it as it is or making the lassi of curd and milk that is the preference of any Pakistani in summer.


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water melon for summer breakfast is recommended to hit the heat of summer and to be healthy for all the summer; it cools down the heat of stomach and has great effect for your mind. Cut it into pieces and keep it in freezer for some minutes, take out and have a good meal.

A big no to fast food or junkies:

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Yes, there must be a big no to fast, spicy and junk foods in summer season as they affect your stomach badly. Fried food like chicken and fish are hot to taste in summer so keep it ban to for summer days, getting the right diet for practical summer.

Cool bath in summer:

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Make the body temperature cool by taking bath with cold water that is useful to prevent from skin and hair problems eventually we suffer in summer. To cool down the body temperature in summer is very important that decrease the chances of heart strokes.


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Increase the use of fruits in summer that give the necessary nutrients like vitamins, and other minerals. Eat strawberries, water melon, grapes and mango and you may drink the shakes at night to change the taste of milk that is healthy too.

Kachi/Namkeen lassi in lunch:

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Well in Pakistan it’s the traditional drink that is taken in daily lunch to minimize the hot effects of summer. Simply mix the more quantity of water in some milk and sprinkle some salt, this drink has very cool effects basically and is best to cure stomach and skin problems.

Salad in summer:

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I always prefer salad in summer that is a good appetite and great if you are on diet. Cucumber, coli flower, tomato and beet root is your right option for salad. Salad with every meal can decrease the hot effects and give you essential nutrients that your body is needed for.

Long brim hats for summer:

Healthy Diet Care Tips for Summer (10)Healthy Diet Care Tips for Summer

Well it’s not liked with the diet care tips but I would like to recommend it for summer while you are going to visit beach side or open areas, to prevent from the sun rays that can harm your skin and hairs badly and definitely your whole outlook is important than any other thing even in summer season. So be happy and keep happy everyone in the chilly summer hot season.



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