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The Best way to Lose Weight Fast

3. the best way to lose weight fast

Tips for losing weight in some days

In the ladies and the  gents a big problem   which is increasing day by day is the  weight   increasing  which is not so good for the health of the human because many diseases can be  cause of this fatness and  weight increasing . the ladies who are very conscious about their beauty  they can’t hear that they are fat anybody say them your weight is increasing day by day they want to  live slim and smart and    because the people like the smart girls and the ladies do many things for reducing their weight but there is no effect rather side effect is must    appears of these things many ladies do diet and eat the pills of  reducing weight but they can’t see any   good effect on their body  otherwise dark circle and other stomach problem are create in their body  and  if they do some easy and  home  remedies then they can lose their weight in few times because it is not   harmful for our health and no side effect of it and you  have no need to go for a doctor .  So if  your weight is increasing day by day then you should control it at   that time  because the heart problem ,blood pressure and other very serious diseases are due to the fatness of our body so come with us and see the home tips that will surely help you in reducing weight.

•    First of all measure your weight  before start the  diet   and write it in a note book  and now start to reduce the weight and after one week you will see  absolute  difference in your body.

•    First of all  drink a plenty of water daily in the morning without eating anything means   before the breakfast drink water and 2 glass water is must  and daily 12 to 13 glass water can help you to reduce weight because   when you are on dieting you  do your eating less then  this water give you a glowing skin. Drink fresh water don’t go with the cold water because it   create fat on your belly and hips.

1. the best way to lose weight fast

•    Cardio is best way to reduce these parts which  can reduce your  fat  areas of your body  buy an exercise machine and   running cycle is also available in the market  you can do  racing on this cycle  do this in one month you will see  your legs and the hips are less than that. Keep your hand on a high place and only your paw touch the floor and means in the shape of dragging or pulling something heavy.
2. the best way to lose weight fast 2+ the best way to lose weight fast

•    Jogging and running s a best way to lose weight in a month’s    get up early in the morning and go for a walk and do the jogging means round in park or  garden  20 minutes and drink much water  when you are going on the jogging then do some exercise there   keep your foot on the wall and fall on the backside  running on the long way and  other way to lose the belly fat is lay straight on the land and keep your both arm  under your head and try to get up.
3. the best way to lose weight fast3+ the best way to lose weight fast

•    Keep away from the rice and the  oily things, cheese ,snacks and sweets because it  create a  more fatness on our body and  you eat salad and get iron  because in your dieting your body bone  have need the iron and calcium green vegetables are good for your health  and for the good taste you can add black pepper and the vinegar.
4. the best way to lose weight fast4+ the best way to lose weight fast

•    Many people like the dessert and sweet things they want to eat but they are compel to  the reducing weight  so make the black chocolate your  daily dessert because it can help you  introducing weight and it keep your  heartbeat  normal and control  many doctors suggest their heart patient that eat dark chocolate  keep in mind only dark brown will increase your weight.

Dark chocolate

•    Green tea is beast for keep you healthy and smart  because in the green tea zero  calorie and it will  help us to reduce weight and  take  green tea daily  before breakfast and the    go to the bed if you want to eat rice then you can brown rice and cereals .  green tea help you in reducing their weight because it is  made of herbs and without sugar.
6. the best way to lose weight fast 6+ the best way to lose weight fast

•    If you don’t like the green tea then you can   take the lemon and honey   tea   without eating anything  and after  the dinner   it is good in losing your weight fast  .take a lemon and cut it from the  center and  boil some water and add  the lemon  juice with one tablespoon honey  and mix  it now you can take it  it is up to you  can add  carom seeds it is good for the   weight losing .
7. the best way to lose weight fast

•    Away from the snacks and the soft drinks t is harmful for the   health and it increase the weight   at the place of snacks you can eat little  French fries and fresh juice but  coca cola,pepsi ,Fanta etc are not  good they are full of calories and addition of alcohol make it harmful in your dieting.
8. the best way to lose weight fast

•    Take a good sleep because    the person who are indulge in the sleeplessness they    becomes fat and their  weight start to increase so lay on the floor and straight it will help you reduce the   fatness of your hips and thighs.
9. the best way to lose weight fast



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