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Replace Meals with Healthy Shakes & Loss Your Weight

5 ways to make homemade meal replacement shakes for weight loss (1)

Ways of Making Meal Replacement Shakes at home for Reducing Weight:

0 5 ways to make homemade meal replacement shakes for weight loss

When we talk about shakes that usually assist you in order to lose weight then it means we are discussing the meal replacement shakes. These shakes fulfill the inner requirement of your body. These provide you enough & sufficient diet & you feel less appetite after drinking these shakes. These are perfect replacement of 1 to 2 meals of a day. These contains on more proteins & multivitamins. These are hunger blockers. Consequently, you eat less & gain less weight. So, these shakes are effective to help people to lose weight. In this way to are encouraged to drink fruit & vegetable juices which are no doubt very healthy. In general, people find it hard to eat vegetables & fruits but these shakes make it possible now. You feel full from inside then other junk food items never appetite you. Now, the question is how you can make a meal replacement shake at home? Well there are lots of ways to make this shake by using different ingredients. Here I am going to illustrate some common & delicious recopies.

First Recipe:

1 cup of milk
1 cup of fruit (any that you like most)
1/4 cup of dried fruits
1 tablespoon of liquid sweetener such as honey
1 cup of leafy greens

Mix all ingredients very well in a blender. Add some ice cubes, so that the shake becomes more delicious especially in summer season. Now drink it either in morning time especially if you skip breakfast. It is a very good replacement of breakfast or lunch time meals.

Second Recipe:

Half cup skim milk
Half cup fat-free yogurt
Half banana
1 cup fresh berries

Blend all ingredients into blender. I am sure that you will surely like the flavor of this shake because the combination of banana, berries & milk ultimately leads towards the creation of taste.

Third Recipe:

For making green smoothies you can use spinach, lettuce, collards or kale etc along with your favorite fruit such as banana, mango etc & make a meal replacement shake by using milk or water.

Fourth Recipe:

Fat free yogurt use 1 cup
1 large size Mango (without peels) chopped or cut in pieces
Sugar as you need but use less
Mint leaf

Mix all ingredients in a blender. A healthy shake is ready to drink. Add ice cubes if you like.

Hopefully, these smoothies or shakes will surely reduce the requirement of food that you normally intake in one day. Keep in mind that the shakes should be low in calorie but high in proteins. You can add different flavors in shakes for reducing their bore flavor impact if you feel.
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