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Lose Weight During Ramadan Fasting

0. lose weight during ramadan fasting

How to   maintain your weight during Ramadan

0. lose weight during ramadan fasting

Ramadan is a blessed month on the Muslims by their God because in this month all the evils are stopped and the Satan is chained   by the God.   In the whole year we do our weight maintain   but in the month of Ramadan  the  weight  is started  to  increasing that is wrong thing  .There are many ways to reduce the weight  it doesn’t mean I want to say  you that  start your dieting because  it can   do you weak  and weak person can’t fulfill his jobs accurately  According to the Islam   it is a ordered that eat  healthy but not in large quantity  in the  Sheri  eat  proper which you  can afford  for your whole day   and after  breaking your fast (aftar)  not eat too much because at that time your stomach is  quite empty and when you eat in much  quantity at once  then think what the  condition of your  stomach  so here I have some  tips which can  help you to  maintain  your weight  in the Ramadan   because after Ramadan the eid   event is also held  so control on  yourself  when you are  eating anything.


1. lose weight during ramadan fasting

•    In the Sheri drink water only 2 glasses because now a days the   summer seasons on its peak and the Ramadan is also here   so not eat too much oily  prathas and the   butter in the Sheri because  all the day you will feel heavy .
•    When you have done your Sheri  eat some  pieces of  cardamom  it will save you from hunger during fasting
•    In the  Sheri eat two dates it will give you energy to spend your fast
•    Drink milk but without the cream it will increase your weight  and don’t add sugar   rather drink it as such
•    When  you will  free from the Sheri and fajar Namaz  then  go in your lawn or any garden where   do some walks  means in the common routine you  do 50 to 60 round but in Ramadan only 15 are  enough
•    When you have  done  your  Sheri or aftari 5then never sit and  lying because it can create the fat on  your body  rather  do walk  otherwise your tummy will be  increased  in the Ramadan and your weight start  to increase from your tummy
•    Avoid from the  greasy and oily foods  like samosas , pattices , burgers etc  and in the aftari  don’t eat  the junk food because it can damage your stomach
•    Stay away from the sugary items because it is full of calories and calories  are not good for the body  you can eat honey  and the fruits at the place of sugar
•     In the aftari only use the water ,fruits and the fresh  juices because all the  things are hygienic for  the stomach and the it can be caused the dairia   which cases are  in front of us in daily basis.
•    Continue your  exercise and walk  because it will keep you healthy and active   keep one thing in your mind  when you do exercise  in fasting then  it will maintain your  blood level
•    Don’t eat the caffeine and alcoholic  drinks  because these are the second name of disease and it can  spoil our kidneys and  bone marrows and make us addicted
•    Green tea is a best in Ramadan  to keep you  fresh and   maintain your balance  and in the Sheri or aftari  take green tea   without sugar
•     Never eat junk but vegetable homemade soup  can you drink because it is full of  nutrients  and all the iron can be got by the  vegetables  daily use the fruits in your Sheri and aftari  because if you will become  weaker from your inner  then you  can’t able to keep you must fast.
2. lose weight during ramadan fasting 3. lose weight during ramadan fasting 4. lose weight during ramadan fasting 5. lose weight during ramadan fasting 6. lose weight during ramadan fasting



never skip the Sheri because if you will skip the Sheri then you will  eat too much in the aftari and the  weight becomes increase  very fast so  eat but live in the limits. But Ramadan’s a month of blessing in this sacred month  leave your all bad habits and move towards   the good habits   and not do   much attention on your weight losing just eat  and keep yourself healthy.


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