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How to Reduce the Ballooned Belly after a Child’s Birth?


Ways to Shrink Belly Size after Delivery:


It is a reality that when a women give birth to a kid then her belly size must affect. During pregnancy the increase of belly or a ballooned belly is common but what if even after delivery the hips, thigh & belly become bigger? It is a fact that when a woman becomes a mother then this motherness leads a woman towards perfectionism. Every woman desires to achieve this perfectionism after marriage & in this regard the growth of abdomen (belly or stomach) is obvious but don’t worries it can be bring back in shape after little effort. When a woman conceives a baby then hormones naturally starts to increase the belly size. In this condition mostly ladies eat more & there is a great lack of physical activity, furthermore ladies prefer bed rest, all this contribute to extra belly fat along with pregnancy belly fat. But as a lady give birth to a baby then within 24 hours (after baby’s birth), a woman lose blood & other fluids, (such as amniotic fluid a yellowish fluid that surround an unborn baby) consequently her belly starts to look flatter as compared from previous but it’s not enough because she still need to get a belly shape as it was before the pregnancy. When you are trying to reduce your belly fat after baby birth then you need to be patience because before baby birth your tummy keeps stretched for about nine months so how it is possible for you to shrink it only in few days, as it stretch for nine month similarly for shrinking it requires few months. So, be patience & follow the ways which are described below. I categorize these ways into three main points; one is home remedies, second is exercises & third is important points. Let’s start’s!

Home Remedies for Reducing Belly after Delivery:


It is a fact that different home remedies that are not suggested by the doctors but our elder people told us that “doing a thing in such a way can give lots of benefits to us” & when we do the same thing then in real words we get amazing benefits. These are called home remedies. These are conventional but of great importance for human beings & lots of people are getting benefits from these remedies. Similarly, for reducing belly fat different experienced women told some home remedies. Here are some effective remedies for those ladies who want to reduce the size to their tummy after becoming mummy.

•    First one is you should try to drink lukewarm water with empty stomach. It’s better for you to start this remedy after 30 or 40 days of giving birth to a kid. You can drink two glasses of water in the early morning.
•    It is beneficial for ladies to drink green tea because this tea has the ability to melt the extra fat & makes you look slim.
•    You can also make a tea by using honey & mint leaves. Add one cup of water in kettle, add some leaves of mint (3 to 4) in water, and add one tea spoon of honey. Boil water two or three times. Tea is ready. You can drink it two times in a day.
•    Another tea can help in burring fat is the use of cinnamon with honey in water. You can add half tea spoon of cinnamon, one tea spoon of honey in one & half cup of water. Boil it well & then drink. It’s better to drink it in the early morning.
•    Try lemon juice, add some drops of lemon into water & add a little salt; your lemon juice is ready to drink. It’s delicious & perfect juice for summer. If you give birth to the baby in summer season then drink this juice.
•    Honey, water & lemon juice can assemble a surprising drink. That will surely be helpful in making your belly slim.
•    Try to eat cucumber because it is full of 99% water. It fulfills the requirement of your hunger for sometime & makes you feel full. You can add cucumber in salad.
•    You can wrap a wide piece of clothe or a belly belt around your belly almost after 10 to 15 days of delivery in order to tone-up your belly. It a traditional remedy used by the ladies to slimming the belly but before using it it’s better to talk or consult with doctor (you delivery may be normal or complex) Traditionally, old women suggest to use this tip soon after baby birth but it may create some complication later so use this idea but after 10 to 15 days of delivery.
•    Try to eat apple as you can because it makes blood in body plus it fulfills the requirement to make a body healthy. It helps in maintaining your figure.  A research on two groups of women after delivery, in which one eats apples & the other group eats whole grain meals. The apple eating group get slimmer belly as compared from other group.

Exercises to Reduces Stomach Size after Child’s Birth:

Don’t start exercises soon after the birth of a kid because this immediate exercising act can harm your health instead of giving any advantage. After giving birth to a kid wait two or three month for recovery then talk with doctor & starts exercise by following easy steps.

•    Starts from Walking & Jogging. Don’t immediately starts to run fast. Just walk for about one week, then increase your walking speed after one week of walking, then similarly run slowly & then fast.

•    Try swimming because swimming after two month can help you a lot in order to flatten belly. When you swim you all body parts starts to work. This working helps in melting extra fat from body parts along with belly.
•    You can also try cycling at the initial step of exercise for bringing your figure in tone. Cycling with empty stomach is better. Try cycling in the early morning.

•    Aerobic exercise activity can also be helpful in this regard. It better to take some aerobic exercise classes from an institution & then try at home. You can watch videos from internet. You can follow step by step tutorials.  Aerobic exercise usually done with music so it can be a fun & enjoyment for you. It is like dance. In this exercise you move your hands, legs, belly & head on music beats. One easy aerobic exercise is to raise your left hand up & keep right hand down now move your left hand on right side with a little bending position (as shown in above picture) & now repeat the same but this time with right hand.
•    You can try some exercises such as shown into the following pictures. One is Crunches that is, lying straight on the floor with face up & bent your knees & keeps your both hands behind you head/neck or over chest in crossed form. Now raise your shoulders towards belly this will directly helps to melt the fat from the abdominal muscles.

•    Pelvic tilt is another exercise which is quite similar to crunches but in this exercise you keep your hands on the floor in straight form & raise your hips instead of shoulder.
•    You can also try pushups.

Important Points to Remember After Delivery for Flat Belly:

You should keep the following points in mind while following a home remedy or an exercise. If you keep these points into mind then these home remedies & exercises works well & can show better results.

•    Try to use those drinks which are natural. Less consume the sodium based drinks because these only add fat.
•    Try to keep your baby on breastfeeding for about six or 8 month because breast feeding always consumes calories. In this way Breastfeeding helps you to weight loss & belly fat as well.

•    Try to take balanced diet that include protein, vitamins, iron, zinc etc. similarly reduce the amount of those items that include more cholesterol & sugar because these only adds fat.
•    Increase the intake of fresh fruits & vegetables. Eat salad. Eat apples, pomegranate, cucumber, carrots etc.
•    We observe that in order to reduce tummy mostly mothers starts to skip their meals but it’s not a wise act just break your one or two big meals in three or four small meals after proper gaps so that you can take proper intake of calories because the mother who keep their babies on breastfeeding they need sufficient amount of calories, protein vitamins etc.
•    Try to chew food properly so that it can be digested easily.
•    Drink water as you can. Almost 7 to 8 glasses of water is the requirement of one day.

In other complex cases you can consult from the doctor about proper exercises, food & medicines for reducing belly fat. Hopefully, these all ways will help you a lot. Best of luck to you in your effort to reduce the tummy after delivery!


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