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Benefits of Green Tea in Weight Loss

4. benefits of green tea in weight loss

How to reduce weight with green tea

0. benefits of green tea in weight loss

Green tea is very popular and useful thing for you if you are chubby and want to reduce your weight because fatness is such a disease which can’t go back easily .With so many researches tell us that green tea is helping you to shrink your body the body part which is full of extra fats can be diminish with green tea because it is free from calories and any fats .Teas are always make to reduce fatigueless and tiredness but some teas are specially make to your perfect health same is with the green tea because it is much effective in weight loosing if you are fed up with the dull routine of exercise then you should start green tea with exercise because it can help you to lose your weight because if you use pills for reducing your weight then it can be harmful for your stomach then you should go with natural things. So here we have different tips of reducing your weight with green tea.


0.benefits of green tea in weight loss

Use of green tea:

Green tea is very old traditional tea it is used in many medical researches and pharmacy .Many doctors suggest the patient to take green tea because it is best for your health.

1. benefits of green tea in weight loss


The main benefit of green tea is reducing weight because it is calorie free and there is no protein and fat are included in it just water and   green tea leaves so when you start the cycle of weight loosing then keep the calendar in front of your eyes and after 15 week you will see a effect on your body.

When you are drinking green tea for lose your body weight then don’t add sugar honey or such type of thing because then there is no result of green tea on your body and your body fats remain same.

Daily drink 2 or 3 time green tea because it is good for your health and keep you active and fresh whole day if you are starting to lose your weight then you can take tea 2 time a day but when you are use to it then increase one time more.

2. benefits of green tea in weight loss

With reducing your weight it makes your skin healthy and strong your mind the massage of green tea water in the head is great it works against the dandruff and hair fall it keep your hormones in its right form.

With the green tea the routine of your sleeping can be set because too much sleeping and too much awaking can be harmful and increase your fat on your body , it is good for you that you drink a tea cup before dinner it help you to digest food and give you relaxation like a massage.

Herbal tea is also work like green tea you can use herbal tea before going to bed because it relief your stress and relax your body and brain but if you are pregnant then it keep your body active and maintain your fitness otherwise  if you don’t do exercise and any diet thing use then you will lose your real identity and become much fat and when you become fat it is not easy to get rid of fat again.

You can make green tea with different ideas like lemon and green tea, honey and green tea and ginger and black tea because these all things are natural and help us to reduce weight but if you want to go with natural then only green tea is best .In one month you will feel you have much lose your weight and now your figure is perfect and keep your exercise continue and with your yoga steps green tea help you to lose your weight .

3. benefits of green tea in weight loss

If your working is on sitting then you should must use green day in your office time it keep your figure maintain and keep you tension free if you are fat then you should use salad and green tea to reduce your weight because it is a best medicine to lose your weight and fresh your skin.

Note: Not use too much green tea because it can be cause blood pressure, shortage of appetite, headache, weaknesses, sleeplessness, laziness, heartbeat problem, constipation and vomiting because the use of caffeine can be harmful so we should use everything in limit “because excess of everything is bad”. So enjoy green tea and keep you fit but remain in limits .

4. benefits of green tea in weight loss



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