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Activities to Loose 1500 calories per Day:


Exercise to burn Calories Efficiently:

Health is really important part of the life actually it is the main priority. But when it comes to UN healthy diet or over eating there starts lots of problems. When it’s come to lose your fat body then it is necessary that you should lose much calories from your body especially more then you intake from your nutritional diet. Many people are not successfully losing their fat just because they only rely on Jim but this thing doesn’t work,, I mean you should have full knowledge that how much calories at least you have to burn in a day and which nutrition’s are necessary to intake. Burning your calories is the best way to drop your weight more efficiently because it helps in preventing you body form storing much fat so just need to know some activates that burn your calories.

So here we are going to discuss some best exercise that will help you in burning your 1500 calories per day. 1500 calories are works are needed to burn in one day if you are a fatty or over weight person. So here we are going to help you out because we know that you are frustrated from your over weight and want to get rid of this but no need to worry about here we bring a best solution and that is the healthy exercise that will help you in burning 1500 calories per day.

Although we know that it’s a challenge 1500 calorie per day but trust me it can lose your 1

Pound weight in less than three days.

Roller or Skating:


Skating is useful because it helps in providing the benefits of aerobic exercise and can tone you muscles, thighs, buttocks, hips and knees. Your roller or ice skating for 214 minutes can burn 1500 calories in a day but not necessary to do it at once you can do this with gap of time.

Swimming Laps:


Swimming is the best exercise it may lose your calories many more, if you are joining the Jim then your should also must join swimming session because it helps a lot in loosing weight.

Rock Climbing:


Try Rock climbing and if you have a hobby then it is the best thing you can ever had because it works a lot You can easily burn 1500 calories by rock climbing in 1.5 hours but only when you are ascending on the rock, downward movement did not work much effectively.



Yeah every man knows biking and it is the passion of many boys but you can also drive benefits for m biking. You can lose 1500 calories per day for 2 hours through biking.


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