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Easy Ways to Prevent Asthma Attack

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How I can Prevent Asthma Attack?

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Although we are living in a very modern age where technological progress is taking place with every passing second. In this scientific age, I think the cure of disease is not a tough task. But still there are some problems or diseases with which people are living their life such as blood pressure, headache, diabetes, Asthma etc. They only use medication when they needed. The problem of Asthma is commonly found in people. From a little kid to old people, almost every age & gender of person is facing this problem usually in west. So, today I decided to highlight this problem. Here, I would like to share what is Asthma, its symptoms, causes/triggers, peculations & how you can prevent this attach.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a disease in which you feel hesitation in order to take breath. Sometimes you feel like coughing. Your chest suddenly becomes tight. It is actually a breathing problem. Severe attack of Asthma can cause your death. So, it is very necessary to you to know precautionary measures. Here I will illustrate it symptoms & measures.

Symptoms of Asthma:

The most common symptoms of asthma are;

•    Lungs produce Wheezing noise during breathing
•    Coughing
•    Dark circles under eyes
•    Short breath
•    Tightness of chest
•    Redness around neck
•    In kids fast breathing is a symptom of Asthma
•    Paleness on lips & hands
•    Fatigueless
•    Trouble during fast walking, talking (breath problem)

Triggers/Causes of Asthma:

There are some triggers that can cause asthma attack.

•    Dust & dirt
•    Pollutant air
•    Smoke
•    Strong perfumes
•    Severe weather conditions ?(too cold or too hot weather)
•    Allergic bacteria
•    Pet Dander
•    Inappropriate exercise
•    Running
•    Jumping
•    Pollen
•    Fast way of talking
•    Stress

You need to avoid all these so that you can reduce the risk of asthma attack.

Precautionary Measures in order to Prevent Asthma Attack:

Here are some suggestions;

•    Immediately Use Inhaler: The most commonly used device in order to prevent the asthma attack is “inhaler”. If you think that you are patient of asthma then try to keep your inhaler into your pocket or bag all the time because you can need it at any time. Whether you need metered dose inhaler or dry powder inhaler, ask your doctor.
•    Preventing Asthma Attack without Inhaler: but if you don’t have inhaler then how you can prevent your asthma attack. As I told you that there are lots of triggers that can lead you towards this attack. If you think you are feeling trouble in order to take breath in a pollutant environment then try to go far away from this environment & in this way you can control on your asthma. Similarly, don’t sit near those people who are smoking. Stay far way from triggers of asthma. Stop everything you are doing & sit immediately. Stay calm & take deep breaths.
•    Drink Non Herbal Tea: Some prefer that drinking on coffee or non herbal tea can prevent asthma attack.
•    Steam: Steam is considered best for asthma patient. Go into bathroom. Open hot water shower & stand near shower & inhale the steam because it can lose your mucus thus it makes you feel easy in breathing.
•    Don’t be Panic: During asthma attack you need to stay calm. Don’t be panic because it doubles the attack. Try to take breath through your nose. Stay calm!
•    Stay Away from Dust, Dirt & Allergic Bacteria: Try to keep your clothes allergy proof. Make sure that your mufflers that you usually wrap around your mouth are bacteria free; furthermore try to keep your bed covers, mattress; pillow covers completely bacteria & dirt free. Keep your bedroom, sofas, bed covers free for pet bacteria. You need to keep pet dander far away from your clothes & bedcovers as well as from sofas. Pet dander is actually tiny flakes or fur exactly like dandruff on human skin. These can lead you towards asthma attack. So, try to stay away from it.  Try to Use Vacuums Cleaner to make you home dirt, fur, flakes, & bacteria free. Keep your bathroom clean & fresh. Use exhaust fans during shower. Open window if you feel hesitation in order to take breath in a shower room. Make sure your privacy before opening window.
•    Stay Away from Tension: Don’t be worry, stay away from tension, stress, frustration etc because it can also leads you towards asthma attack.
•    Prefer Fresh Environment: Stay away from the smoking. Don’t sit in an area where people are smoking.  Stay away from the inhaling of hard smells, perfumes, fumes, smoke etc.
•    Keep yourself Protected from Severe Weather Conditions: Extreme weather conditions too cold, too hot, too humid etc.
•    Exercise Precaution: Try to exercise on the prescription of your doctors.
•    Emergency: Try to keep yourself update about the emergency medications. Furthermore, you should know the nearly located hospitals so that you can take the asthma patient to the adjacent hospital in case of emergency. Know the emergency numbers so that you can call a doctor or an ambulance. Let the people (who are around you, your friends, teachers, neighbors, colleagues etc) to know that you have asthma problem so that they can help in any severe condition.

Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot. Stay blessed!


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