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Easy Home Remedies for Treating Sore Throat at Home

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Sore Throat Treatment with Effective & DIY Tips:

As the winter season arrives it brings lots of little diseases with it such as cough, cold, fever, body paint, aching, throat problems etc. But the most common is the sore throat. In this case you feel pain in your throat during eating food & during talking. You feel un-comfortable. So, there is a great need that you should update yourself with the latest & effective plus easy & DIY home remedies for treating this problem. In this way you can also help the others. Let’s starts, read the following tips carefully & then try!

1)    First of all, Green tea is effective in this regard. Drink one cup of green teat daily & keep your throat perfect.

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2)    Try to eat each & everything that is Moderate by temperature I mean it should be neither be cold nor very hot.
3)    You can make apple & cinnamon tea by mixing these two items in water. Boil it for 10 min & then drink. It actually makes you feel comfortable & will surely reduce pain from throat.
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4)    Try to gargle with warm salted water. Take two glasses of water & add some salt in the water. Boil it well & let it lukewarm & then gargle.
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5)    Do not smoke when you have the problem of sore throat. In normal life you should avoid smoking.
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6)    Simply use honey because it is very Comforting & soothing for treating sore throat.
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7)    You can also try to massage sore throat from outside by using any kind of oil. But massage very gentle & softly because it is a sensitive part of body.
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8)    You can also chew some Fennel Seeds once in a day. These are effective & easily available into the kitchen.
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9)    Garlic contain on allicin that actually treats the sore throat. Take one clove of Garlic, divide it into two pieces, now put each garlic piece in left & right side of mouth & take its juice inside. There is no need to chew or bite it just softly crush it with your teeth to release the allicin.
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10)    The cloves contains on Eugenol. It is actually a traditional & natural pain killer. So for relaxing your sore throat you can take some cloves & boil these in water. Now drink lukewarm clove water for soothing sore throat.
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11)    You can also drink Ginger tea for treating sore throat.

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12)    Turmeric, salt & water can make best liquid for gargling. So try this new gargling idea for treating throat!
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13)    Try to avoid the alcohol & caffeine.

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14)    Steam is best for sore throat & it makes you feel comfortable. Take water in a large bowl, warm-up the water & now take bath towel. Keep your face above the water bowl & take the steal coming out from water & cover your head & sides by keeping towel on head.

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15)    Try to avoid drinking milk.

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16)    You can use a mixture of honey & black paper for relaxing throat.

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