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Easy and Effective ways for Quitting Smoking


Tips and ideas for quitting smoking

Can you eat ha piece of cake when you are aware that there is some portion of poison in it that can leave you toward death for soon and other severe diseases from which you can never recover? Answer is absolutely not. So what you guys think about cigarette? Don’t you think this whole situation that you are facing after taking cigarette have quite resemblance to mentioned example? Yes it does and it was mentioned only to teach you out that cigarette are also a source of slow poisoning that is damaging your liver day by day. Bad thing is that not only senior citizens but also youngsters are widely involved in smoking habits.

Cigarette is injurious to health is also written on every pack of cigarette and still every person is widely involve in taking it without noticing its side effects. Every person have family and responsibilities an people who love and care for them than how can anybody do these harmful things without noticing that their love ones are depressed because of them and their such unhealthy habit that can lead them toward death as well. We will present you with some tips and ideas that will help you out or at least motivate you to leave smoking.

Say no to cigarette:


Just say no to cigarette and dispose off every single accessory regarding cigarette like ash trays, stock of cigarette and also keep away from company of those people who have motivated you to smoke and are liable for such helpless condition.

Try taking medication and treatment for stopping cigarette habit:


Just consult out a doctor and take his advice that what should be done for maximized avoidness of cigarette and also take a prescription with mentioned medicines. Work on proper treatment for leaving cigarette and talk to all the stuff you were going through due to cigarette with your doctor.

Take notice that how much money you have saved by leaving cigarette:



After leaving cigarette, just check out that how much of the money you have saved. This will be a mental satisfaction and reward for you for doing such a great job. Also maintain a reward for those family members who are trying out their level best for leaving this habit.

Think about your family:


Think about your family and people you loved the most and try to make an action for them by avoiding cigarette and to leave it permanently as well. If you don’t care for yourself then try to think about your families that have intense love with you.


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