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Causes of Neck Pain & Ways to Relief it at Home

neck pain relief from sleeping wrong (3)

Neck Pain:

neck pain relief from sleeping wrong (1)

“Neck pain” is the most common problem that can be faced by anyone, from kids to teenagers, from young to olds, from male to female. This pain actually creates a very irritating situation for you. It can actually creates trouble in order to move your neck here & there. If you are facing painful neck problem & want to relief it as soon as possible then don’t go anywhere because today on this page I am going to talk about the neck pain relief. First of all let me explain causes of neck pain so that you can be careful in order to stop this pain by solving the right cause. Some home remedies are also described on this page for your assistance. Hopefully, these will help you a lot.

Causes of Neck Pain:

There can be lots of reasons of neck pain such as;

•    Due to sleeping in a wrong condition,
•    Due to keeping your neck at one side for longer hours,
•    The above described both causes can create Torticollis. It is a panic situation in neck when you feel trouble in order to move your neck from left to right or from right to left.
•    Unnecessary stress on the muscles of your neck
•    Due to carrying unnecessary burden on your head (usually common among those who engaged in physical work such as labor)
•    Due to tension (tension leads towards muscles pain problem)
•    When you use a elevated or towering pillow during sleeping
•    When you sleep after taking alcohol & cannot move your body due to faintness.
•    When you perform some extra activity other than your normal routine
•    Holding a very heavy object in your left hand can cause neck pain on left side & vice versa
•    Neck pain due to sudden movement or shake (during driving, during enjoying roller coaster ride etc)
•    Due to sitting in front of computer for longer hours & so on.

All these causes actually lead towards the stiffness in the muscles of neck & consequently, you feel pain in your neck.

Remedies to Solve Neck Pain Problem:

Here are some remedies for you.

•    Try to bring your neck in relaxed condition.

•    If pain is occurring due to use of high volume pillow then try to use a low volume pillow, if due to sitting in front of computer for longer hours then try to take break during your work & move your neck here & there for feeling relax.

•    If neck pain is due to stress then try to be happy, don’t think so much. Just stay relaxed, try to solve the problem instead of keeping yourself worry about the problem for long period of time.

•    Try to take bath with salted lukewarm water. Salted water has the ability to bring your painful muscles into relaxed condition.

•    Try to massage your neck with oil or balms. You think about Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil etc. pain relieving gels can also be used.

•    Try to Move your neck. You can move your neck up & down, then left & right. Repeat it with little gaps. Stop it if you feel more pain. Then start again.

•    Heat Compress at the back of neck can also help a lot in order to relief the pain. Similarly, some prefer to use the cold compress. Heat compress is best for winter season while cold compress for summer season.

•    In case of any severe condition, I suggest you to visit the doctor & use his prescribed medicines or pain killers. Some prefer to use acetaminophen or ibuprofen but I think don’t use any before doctor’s suggestion.



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