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6 Good Ways to Spend Your Life Healthy and Pleasingly

1. best way to live life healthy & happily

0. best way to live life healthy & happily

This life is full  is the blessed by the God and  it is too short but we spend it in the tensions and the worries  but  we should not  overcome the tensions on our mind  rather let it go because tensions and worries are also a part of life  because this life us not a bed of roses    but where the  sorrows  come  there the happiness is also present because life  is the name of   happiness and sorrows so try to handle the pathetic  time and live a  healthy and happy life  and face it with open heart .the people who enjoys the life with  full  enthusiastic  they get long and healthy life but who  lose their  heart on little  problems they become old before their age  so stay with us and see the ways  of  spend life pleasantly . we should not worry about  our future  because if we think then we will  become  sad and sadness is not good for us  it doesn’t means you should not think  about  your next day’s  future planning is good thing but don’t overcome the   desires and need on your personality because too much  desirous person  become eccentric  and obsessed  for   fulfill his desires.

Exercises and yoga:

1. best way to live life healthy & happily

For the healthy life exercises are  compulsory because it  keep you fit and active  when you get up early in the morning then go out for a walk and   take some exercises  rather the duration of 15 to 20 minutes are enough for exercise  because  you have done some main   poses  and  yoga is  good thing  for your mussels and the breathe  because when you  take long and deep breathe  your all mussels  become active . when you take exercise  and do walk it keep you  active in your whole  day and  when you  go back  to your bed at night you feel  fresh not much tied.

Eat healthy foods:

healthy and junk food concept - woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake

If you want to spend healthy and happy life then you should eat healthy and balanced diet  because  it  make you healthy .now a day’s  people remain busy  and the   ladies have  not enough time  to cook food  so  people eat the junk food which is not good for health it is made with unhygienic  ways  the food which we eat in the house it is safe and healthy and use the natural things in it  so eat meat ,grain, vegetables ,fruits ,pulses  and the dairy things because these natural things   keep us healthy  and active .

Be social:

3. best way to live life healthy & happily

The  people who want to spend the happy life they should not live  alone  rather they should  spend their spare time  in the company of his friend and family because  in the loneliness man think many thing  which make him  bore and  create  many  problems  so  you should not be more serious  keep your face smiley  and   take a part in the conversation  with your friends and    exchange your ideas  because it is good way to  spend life if you remain busy  then go outside at every weekend  use the Facebook ,twitter ,Instagram  and other apps  of social media  it keep you  fresh  and aware from all the updates.

Sleep well:

Sweet dreams

A person who sleep  well at night he remain  healthy and active because  the body of a human is just like a machine and machine wants to  take some rest  so   a common person should sleep  7 to 8  hours  daily   because it is   compulsory for  him  and  when you are sleeping you should  use the sleeping mask because many people can’t take full sleep because the   light  effected direct in their eyes if you are feeling fed up  before going bed then  take a bath and do a massage of your body and head  after it  you feel light and fresh.

Quit the smoking and caffeine:

full cup with coffee beans and cigarettes isolated on a white background

The people  who are addicted of caffeine and the smoking they are destroying  their life with their hands they should quit the smoking and the caffeine because  too much addiction  can  indulge you in the kidney  problem ,insomnia, stressed  and the   headache  if you are using too much  caffeine   so less the quantity of it   because  these things are the enemy of your sleep  and when you use it  in your usual you become addicted and  cause is reached the ulcer  and hands trembling and ringing in your ears  use the green tea  not too much but before sleep it keep you fresh  and maintain your body cholesterol.

Feel thirst for knowledge:

7. best way to live life healthy & happily

Knowledge is such an ornament  which can’t be stolen by  anyone and the sea of knowledge is so vast it can’t be end  in any place it is  going  and going  you should always in the lust of knowledge but don’t be envious from the other’s knowledge and don’t make ideal of anyone  big dream and try to fulfill  it with right ways  don’t  achieve your goals with wrong ways because it  is not your struggle the things which you get from your struggle it  make you happy and  it is our motive to see you healthy and  happy.

8. best way to live life healthy & happily


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