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Control Celiac Disease by Using Gluten Free Diet

5 ways to speed up your metabolism (1)

5 Easy Tips for Making Your Diet Gluten Free:

5 ways to speed up your metabolism (1)
Do you know what gluten is? Well, gluten­free diet means foods that never include gluten. “Gluten” as that name shows something that is related to glue, in other words a food item that has some glued texture is called gluten food. Gluten helps a food item to maintain its shape by acting as glue & holds food together. Gluten is found in greater quantity in grains, wheats, rye, barley etc. Gluten food is considered very dangerous for those people who have celiac problem. So the people who have celiac disease should avoid the use of gluten food.  It (celiac) is a disease in which the small intestine of a person is highly sensitive towards the gluten & when this person eats gluten food then small intestine shows trouble or difficulties in digesting this food. Furthermore, this indigestion insufficiency usually upset the stomach & creates acid stomach, heart burn, dyspepsia etc. So, dear if you are a patient of celiac or if you are not but after eating gluten food you feel irritation in small intestine or face the problems of ingestions then of course there is a great need to learn the easy ways that will help you to make your diet gluten free. Here are top 5 tips that can help you a lot.

1.    First & the most appropriate tip is that if you cannot tolerate gluten food then ask from your doctor about medication because your doctor can tell you in a better way.
2.    Try to eat less gluten or complete gluten-free food items such as you can eat teff, brown rice, white rice, corn of all form, quinoa, millet, buckwheat etc. But you should avoid the use of pizza or pasta bread or wheats. Now days different gluten-free breads are also available so if you want to eat then think about these breads.
3.    Before buying any food item you need to check labels of product that are used into the manufacturing of this food item. Make sure it is gluten free.
4.    For making your diet gluten-free you need to include naturally gluten free food items such as vegetables meat, fish, eggs, etc.
5.    If you want to drink wine then make sure it should also be free gluten such as cider, wine, sherry etc are consider gluten free while stouts, beer, lagers etc are considered wines with higher level of gluten. Similarly, sauces also contain on gluten so first read the read labels carefully before use. The dextrin, flavorings etc may include gluten. Real cheese is considered gluten free but spray cheese may include gluten.


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