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5 Dangerous Effects of Sleeping Late at Night

Harmful Effects of Sleeping Late  (3)

Deprivation of sleep:

According to a proverb it is considered that “sleep is golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”. To remain healthy and to sustain our life in positive way, sleep is crucial. It is one of basic drives of unman beings. A sound sleep is one of most pleasant and worthy things of world and according to some wise persons good sleep is precious gift of god.

We learn this lesson from the very begging if our life that we should sleep early to wake up early. It keeps a person healthy and wise. But now in current period it has been lost. Late night sleeping has become trend. People remain busy in their affairs without realizing that sleep is essential for their capabilities. From lack of sleep we face lots of major problems. In severe cases we meet incurable loses due to lack of sleep. In this post we are highlighting those dangerous effects which are caused by deprivation of sleep. These results are commonly seen in our society rather every second person is victim some of these serious effects which we are highlighting there.

Let’s take a brief discussion upon the dangerous side effects of late sleep.

Case of diseases:

Lack of sufficient sleep causes different diseases mostly related to heart. Diabetes and breast cancer results of lack of sleep. According to the study people who take less sleep from 7 hours suffer lots of health problem. Whole setup of hormones and cells inside the body disturbs and develop different serious diseases. High blood pressure used also one of dangerous disease caused by lack of sleep.


Amount of sleep has direct influence at stress level. It is easily noticed that people who are victim of lack of sleep often remain stressful. Lots of psychological and mental diseases are developed by sleep deprivation. People become short temper and find them unable to do active works. Depression and schizophrenia are most common mental disorders which are resulted by lack of sleep.

Weight gaining:

It is also noteworthy dangerous result of lack of sleep. People who take less than 5 hours sleep easily gain more weight. It is due to sleep deprived people have reduced the levels of leptin (a chemical which control appetite and makes us feel full) and increased the levels of ghrelin (hunger stimulating hormone).

Increase risks of accidents:

According to a study it is declared that most of car accidents are resulted by lack of sleep. With all drawbacks of lack of sleep when we drive a car it carry lots of accident chances. Eye fatigue, tired mind and less control upon senses directly become the cause of major accidents.

Skin problems:

Lack of sleep causes most of skin problems. Dry skin texture with dull effect is most common one. Sleep keep the skin hydrated naturally, lack of sleep also leaves the pale skin effect. Along with skin problems, lack of sleep also becomes the cause of dark eye circle around the eyes. It creates unhealthy expression of skin. You can’t look impressive and fresh with such face and skin texture.

Harmful Effects of Sleeping Late  (1) Harmful Effects of Sleeping Late  (2) Harmful Effects of Sleeping Late  (3) Harmful Effects of Sleeping Late  (4)


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