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Top 10 Most Beneficial Hair Oils for Healthy Hair

avocado oil

Lock Hair Beauty by Using Natural Hair-Oils:

It is a fact that oil always leads towards the beautification of hairs. No matter whether you have dry hair or oily, rough or shinny, thin or thick, I think oil is very necessary for hairs. We know that oils are made by using natural herbs that’s why these herbs never harmful for skin. But remember that over use of these herbs can create some problem. So, always be moderate in usage. Another point that you should keep in your mind is that when you are using natural products then these products shows the positive results after sometimes you never get the results instantly as you get by using chemical based products. So, when y are using these herb based products then be patience & use regular & I am sure that after some weeks you will see the positive change.

Here, I am going to list the top 10 most effective hair oil that will help you to lock hair beauty & or to treat the damaged hair. All have different benefits. You can use one that is suitable for solving your hair problems. First I will describe the benefits of oils & in the last I will tell you very simple & common method on how you can use these oils.

Almond Oil:

Almond oil

Almond Oil contains on Vitamin A, E, B, Omega 3, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium etc. we know that all these are helpful for hair health. It helps to reduce split ends; it adds shine in hairs & reduces hair breakage. The sweet almond oil is best for those who have sensitive skin because it never creates any kind of irritation.

Amla Oil:
Amla oil

Amla oil is also known as miracle oil for hair because it is used for hair growth, hair shine & healthy hair from the ancient times. It nourishes hair, darkens hair, improves scalp health, acts as a good conditioner for hairs & adds shines in hair.

Argan Oil:
argan hair oil

Argan oil is a multi-purpose oil because it cares your hairs naturally, it is like care product that protects hairs from UV Rays so it is like a sunscreen for hair, it is best for damaged repair, it makes the rough & brittle hair soft, it lessens hair breakage & of course leads towards hair growth.

Avocado Oil:
avocado oil

Avocado oil contains on vitamin A, C, K, E, D, B1 & Magnesium etc. It stops hair to turn grey before age, heals the breakage & promotes hair growth.

Castor Oil:

castor oil
Castor oil can be used for thickening hair, re-growth of hairs & it also acts as an antifungal treatment for hairs scalps, it adds moisture into curly & kinky hairs.

Coconut Oil:
coconut oil

Coconut hair oil promotes hair growth. It is best for both dry & oily hair scalp. It treats dandruff & dry hair as well. It strengthens hairs due to the existence of vitamin K & E which are fond in it. It is good to repair damaged hair.

Lavender Oil:
lavender oil
Lavender oil kill lice & repair damaged hair scalps nourish hair & promote growth. When you apply this oil on hair or scalps then it can cause irritation but it is natural so don’t be afraid of it but if your skin is sensitive then be careful & use it after the prescription of a dermatologists.

Macadamia Oil:

macadamia oil
Macadamia oil controls the frizzy hairs, hydrate hairs & protect from UV Radiation.

Mustard Oil:

mustard oil

Mustard oil contains on Vitamin A, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Protein, Omega 3 all are necessary for healthy hairs. So, this oil has also lots of benefits for hairs.

Pumpkin Seeds Oil:
pumpkin seeds oilPumpkin seeds oil  contains on vitamins A, K, E, Zinc, Iron, Omega6 & it helps to reduce hair loss, sooth the irritation that you feel on scalps, protect the top most layer of hair which is called cuticle.

How to Use Oil on Hairs?

Take oil from the bottle; apply it not only on the roots & scalps but also at the ends of hairs. Message well because massaging leads towards blood circulation in head & that in results promotes hair growth. Now, leave it for about one hour & then wash your hairs with regular shampoo. You can massage hair with oil before when you take a bath or wash your hair.

The second method is you can massage oil on hair at night. Sleep without washing & wash hair in the early morning. A little bit lukewarm water can be used for washing hair so that you can remove oil perfectly but in the last don’t forget to throw some cold water on hair.

Sometimes for adding instant shine in hairs the very less quantity of oil can be used. In this case the almond oil, coconut oil, amla oils are best because if you never wash your hair for about two or three days then these oils never harm the hairs. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in order to choose appropriate oil for solving your hair problems.


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