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Tips to take Care of Hair after Perm:

ow to care of hair after perming

Step 1:
Shampoo your hair after two days:

ow to care of hair after perming (1)
After newly perm curls, you must avoid using the shampoo to your hair. There is a strictly instructed to the perm guy that she avoids to use & wash the hair with chemical extracts shampoo for two or three days.
Step 2:
Shampoo with natural essences:
It is also narrated that shampoo is only that use which is recommended to the consultant. Don’t use the chemical shampoo because it will be react on your perm hair and you may be loss your hair permanently.
Step 3:
 Condition your hair with chemically treated hair:

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After using shampoo, it is necessary to using the conditioner for smooth and flawless hair. This fact always keeps in your mind that you having the perm hair and never use the chemical base conditioner to your hair. Just use the conditioner to your hair which works for the chemical treated air.
Step 4:
 Avoid to blow dry hair:
As you having the chemical treated perm hair then you have to bane to use the blow dryer. It’s treated the big problem to you, if you using the blow dryer. Perm hair never solve with anything and you may be loss your hair. So, please avoid to blow dry your hair.
Step 5:
 Avoid using comb into the perm:
In chemical created perm hair never use the hair comb into the hair when the perms are newly created. After sometimes they can uses the wide tooth comb for perm hair. You can also using your fingers into the hair like through a comb.
Step 6:
 Don’t catch your hair into a ponytail or a bun:

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If you want to perfectly perm into your hair for a long time then avoid catching your hair into a ponytail, in a braid or in a tight bun. It’s a best way to keep [perm perfectly and long life, just open your hair and also use the wide comb catcher for hair.
Step 7:
Trim your hair in every 20 or 22 days later:
For chemically perm hair, you should wear the trim into the hair after every 20 or 22 days later. Therefore, the perms in hair have been long lasting.
Step 8:
Avoid to go out under the sun:
As the perm are created with chemical treatment so, you should avoid to come outside under the sun light. Because sun released some ultra violet rays then it can burn your hair with chemical reaction.

ow to care of hair after perming


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