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Tips And Ideas To Take Care Of Your Hair For Monsoon Weather

How To Care For Your Hair In Monsoon (5)

Monsoon season is considered to be very refreshing for trees, leaves and grass as well. But it can also bring about damage to hair due to humidity. Some people also face out lots of hair fall in monsoon season. I have some hair care tips for you guys to prevent your hair from shedding in monsoon season.

Keep your hair dry:

First tip is about keeping your hair dry. In current world, rain water is considered to be acidic and dangerously filled with chemicals and pollution. So, if you tend to have some rain water in your scalp go wash it up with shampoo and dry your hair as soon as possible.

Shampoo your hair twice a week:

Main purpose of shampooing your hair is to clean out dirty oily residue from your hair, use mild shampoo in your hairs as well and do it twice. Use as much less shampoo as you can. Do condition your hairs.

Hair massage:

Nothing can be more beneficial for your hair then hair massage. You can go for slightly warm hair oil for your hair and massage them for good. It will also cure you from stress level as well.

Don’t tie your heir tight:

Don’t tie your hair tight because in this way, you are allowing humidity to hibernate into your scalp. It will cause your hair dry and frizzy. Go for light hair tie hairstyle.

Cover up your head:

Try to cover up your head especially while you are going out. Water proof cap or jacket would be perfect is you are going out and you have chances to rain anytime.

Pick up hair comb:

Pick up right hair com specially if you tend to elect out wide tooth hair comb, it would be more effective for you guys.

How To Care For Your Hair In Monsoon (1) How To Care For Your Hair In Monsoon (2) How To Care For Your Hair In Monsoon (3) How To Care For Your Hair In Monsoon (4) How To Care For Your Hair In Monsoon (5)


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