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Some Proven Ways to Get silky Smooth Hair Naturally

1. how to have  silky hair naturally

My dear followers! Again I am here with a lot of suggestions and solutions about your hair issues to get silky shiny hair naturally. I will sum up my article with things do’s and don’ts, from the very first month to till the last days of year we are definitely suffering from the hair problems in any way but don’t worry today I am going to tell you some home remedial solutions that will give your strands natural shine along with to get rid of the other issues. Every girl wants to have beautiful hair as the actresses have but it has been seen that most of us don’t care about strands and as a result the problem arises severely. So, first of all I always say your inner health matters most to get rid of outer problems that’s why you must pay attention to the diet and observe that if you are taking right amount of basic needs like proteins and minerals to your food if it is not then the trouble can be serious infecting skin and hair evils. I am going to compile some considerations having remedies to attain natural beauty of strands lets come to over view that.

1. how to have  silky hair naturally
    As I have mentioned above the enough and right food that your body is needed for must be added to diet that will encourage your body to give strength to hair to be naturally strong and most of all shiny hair. Milk, fruits, green vegetables and fish is the necessary food that should have for healthy hair.
    If you are still using comb after taking bath to straight up wet hair I am telling you the main problem started from the very point because it is harmful to comb wet hair as in the result of hair falling and next thing is the right method of using comb is wide tooth comb that can help your hair t not fall. Make sure you are not going insane with your tresses I mean to say you have no emergency to comb hair fast but with the patience.
    Try some homemade treatments that can further help your locks to grow fast and with natural splendor. Hot oil should apply to hair on regular base as it keeps your hair well built and give extra polish. Massage any oil like olive oil at night and let it be there for all night wash it out next morning you will see the hair with additional silk.
    In every article I always advice one thing repeatedly that don’t have ironing styling treatment to locks that have severe harm to the follicles and weakens out your scalp. It frails your roots and deprive you from natural shine plus the natural oil called sebum. If it is essential then must use the serum before ironing or the natural treatments so it may not get too much loss of hair.
    To get polish your hair no matter the curly or the straight one use homemade conditioner instead of readymade with a lot of chemicals. You just need to have half cup of vinegar mixed in one bowl of water and pour it out after shampooing that has great effects like conditioner gives you.
    For further remedies you can take help of household mask that contains one egg, curd and any kind of oil you have reliability on. Put it on scalp for 30-40 minutes and shampoo it you can apply this once or twice in a week for smoothness of hair.
    Regular based trims can help you getting true beautification of mane because if you do not take this then the harmful split end issue can stop the growth of hair and if you are not trimming properly automatically split ends welcome the frizzy and bad hair look.
    The enough amount of water is good for strong hair as it stimulate the circulation of blood accurately not for body but for scalp too.
    Aloe Vera is natural antiseptic and the best remedy for infection and other predicament of hair; you can use aloe Vera gel that is available at home or if it is not possible contact any shop that has readymade gel. Apply this to roots of hair for having further shine and silky hair naturally.
    Natural henna and egg mask is also a good conditioner to get silky hair obviously. Just leave this mask for 30 minutes and rinse it with cold water then see the difference to your locks.
    If you want to not have frizz to hair for all life then make it habit of shampooing the strands with cold water that close up the follicle pours to not attain frizz but hot water loses all natural oil from water that can damage the growth.
    For more considerations take rest to your mind and keep away from stress and depression as it is the main reason behind getting loss of beautiful hair. Proper and sound sleep will bestow you with natural beauty of locks that’s why be happy and if it is not then must try.

I hope these natural remedies will facilitate you having silky, smooth and natural polished hair that every girl dreams for.

2. how to have  silky hair naturally


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