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Simple Hair Wash Hacks For Healthy, Shiny and Bouncy Hair

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As everything needs a right and correct way to do and by following the right ways and methods we can get best results so there are a few techniques about washing hair and by following these techniques you can get beautiful and healthy hair. Healthy and gorgeous looking hair is the dream of every girl; some are blessed with naturally beautiful hair if you are not one of them then do follow these simple hair wash hacks to get really healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.


Combing and brushing is the most important thing before washing, it removes dirt and dead cells to a lot extent and it reduces your effort while shampooing and it will also reduce breakage as well as stimulate circulation in your scalp so make a habit of brushing or combing your hair before washing or shampooing.


Rinse or soak your hair thoroughly with luke warm or cold water, never use hot water to wash the hair because hot water can make your scalp dry and if you already have a dandruff problem then it may worsen after wash the hair with hot water.


Shampoo is the vital part of hair washing and hair usually needs one or two applications of a shampoo. Apply a quarter-sized dollop shampoo on your palms and dilute it with some water. Start by lathering hair at the roots and working your way down, gently massage it and not rub the top part with your palms to avoid any tangling. While massaging, not use your finger tips instead of finger nails because nails can damage or break the cuticles of your hair.  Message your hair in circular motions and avoid tight circular motion.

Rinse the shampoo:

After a minute, wash off the shampoo with cold water and rinse your hair out until it starts to squeak. It is most important to thoroughly rinse out all shampoo because any leftover shampoo can damage your hair and makes roots dry out.  Rinse the hair with cool water which feels exhilarating and stimulates the blood circulation. Squeeze your hair with both hands during the rinse in order to squeeze the excess water out of your hair.


Once your hair is completely cleansed, add conditioner to the midlenghts of your hair to the ends. Conditioning will help detangle hair, hydrate damaged ends and conditioner makes your hair easy to mange along with beautiful and shiny. Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner is of the same brand. Rub a quarter sized dollop of conditioner and apply it evenly from roots to tips using only your fingers. Allow conditioner to sit in your hairs for one to five minutes, depending on hair condition.

Rinse the conditioner well with cool water and ensure that no residue is left behind. The cool water will shut the cuticles of your hair, keep the moisture and gives your hair shine and bounce.


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