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Make Your Dull, Frizzy & Lifeless Hair Healthy & Shiny With Natural Ingredients


Silky straight hair is the nightmare of every woman and those who are blessed with it are lucky enough because they don’t have to do struggle to make them beautiful. Women who deprived this blessing are in care to make their frizzy and lifeless hair look healthy and beautiful.

Mostly ladies brush it off blaming it on natural texture but it’s not true or right they use chemical based products to make their hair look shiny and healthy which may be dangerous to hair. Frizz is the result of lacking hair care regimen and a little extra attention is needed to tackle the problem.

Frizz is a cry for nourishment and moisture and here we have come up with some useful tips and ideas to make your frizzy and dry hair look shiny, silky, straight and beautiful. Explore these ideas and surprise others with your beautiful hair.

Mayonnaise Mask:

Mayonnaise provides shine, nourishment and strength to your dull, frizzy and lifeless hair. To get goods result, make a mask of by mixing up mayonnaise with almond oil and egg. This mask will add the extra layer of nourishment which will help in controlling frizzy hair effectively.

It is one of the best masks to treat dry and frizzy hair. You will need ¼ cup mayonnaise, 1/3 cup almond oil and take eggs 1-2 according to the length of your hair, mix all things well to form a smooth paste and apply this paste onto your hair and scalp and wrap a hot towel or shower cap for about half an hour.

Wash your hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo and use this mask for twice a week to get best results.

Yogurt & Aloe Vera Gel Mask:

Yogurt is the most effective natural product to0 deep condition the dry and frizzy hair it also acts as an emollient and makes hair smoother and shinier. Aloe Vera is also one of the best ingredients used for moisturizing; it forms a protective layer over your cuticles that minimizes moisture loss and gives your hair soft, smooth and shiny texture.

Combine both natural ingredients together for amazing results; take half cup of yogurt, ¼ cup Aloe Vera gel, 1 tbs lemon juice and 2 tbs mustard oil and 1 egg white, mix all them well and then apply this mixture to your scalp and through the length of your hair, leave it for at least 1 hour and then wash off with shampoo.

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