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Important Tips for Making Your Hair Strong and Smooth

1. How to take proper care of hair

Hair is the most important body part of man’s life but the women’s beauty is lies in the long hair but only long hair is not a good   thing it should be  silky and smooth .Girls who are very conscious about their beauty they want to  maintain their beauty forever  therefore  if they see the hair fall they become worried  and want to finish it but mostly girls are  not  know in that in which ways  we should wash our hair  because  if you wash your hair in correct way then you can see your hair  are become softer  and silky  if you want to make your hair healthy  and silky then  start  to  take  care of your hair .

our hair is made of protein and it demands these   foods which are made up of the proteins and the full of nutrients  in that meal  .here I have  some homemade tips that can make your  hair   beautiful and shiny .in the previous ages the women   take  proper care of their hair  but now our life is become so chaotic and busy   women are busy in the  working places  and then the house chores they can’t  take a  proper attention toward their  hair so stay with us and see different ways to  take care of  your hair.

•    First of all oiling is the best way to make your hair silky and smooth oil in your hair   twice time in a week because oil gives you protein   which is compulsory for your hair.
•    Coconut oil is very good for your hair because it provide your hair best portion of protein and nutrients   but you can  mix it with the  rapeseed oil and the  other  oil as just like almond, olive etc.
•    When you are going to take bath then apply the oil in your hair and you can oiling in your hair before 10 to 20 minute of your shower because it can adjust in 10 minutes in your roots and scalp.


•    Use the shampoo which is not too much thick because may be the sulpher quantity is too much in the shampoo which can damage your hair.

•    When you are shampooing in your hair then don’t apply it on your roots just use it on the scalp because if the shampoo enter in to the roots it can spoil your roots growth.

•    The girls who have oily and straight hair they should use the shampoo twice time in a week because with the oil their hair become frizzy and greasy.

•    When you are using the shampoo then move your fingers in the round motion but only on scalp that it can be come in the motion and when you move your fingers in the hair your blood become in the circular motion.

•    Choose a shampoo which suits for your hair don’t go with the old shampoo because it can damage your hair and it cause the too much hair fall.


•    When you are free from the shampooing then apply the conditioner in your hair   because it is compulsory to make your hair graceful and fresh and conditioner make your hair silky and smooth.

•    After shampooing dry your hair with the towel and then use the conditioner and    beware about the conditioner because it is in so many fake and bogus   companies packing and they deceive us as the name of real.

•    If you don’t want to use the conditioner then after taking bath applies the vinegar in your hair  for 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse of your hair and repeat it twice time in a week.

•    Don’t use  hot water to  wash your hair  because  it can make your hair  coarse and  dry  go with the cold water .
Be careful with these things:

•    If you want to take care of your hair then   don’t use the  too much straightner and the  curler  because it can make your hair rough and coarse  but  for the formal  events you can do it  one time in a month .

•    Avoid doing rebounding in your hair because it can   drag your all proteins from your hair and your hair start falling after one or two month

•    Hair color can cause the skin cancer and many diseases are spreading through the hair color because too much coloring   destroy your all natural beauty of your hair.

•    Comb in your hair twice time in a day and do it bottom to the up and  don’t dry it with the  hair dryer rather  leave it to dry in the fresh air  don’t  use the brush in the wet hair  rather leave it to dry  then  comb in your hair not brush.

1. How to take proper care of hair

2. How to take proper care of hair

3. How to take proper care of hair

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5. How to take proper care of hair

6. How to take proper care of hair


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