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How to Wash my Hair in Right way

1. how to wash my hair in right  way

Correct way to wash your hair

0. how to wash my hair in right  way

Hair is the blessing of the God because women can’t look    beautiful without hair means the beauty of the women  lie in the hair  and the  ladies  like the long hair but if you have   beautiful hair then you should go with  some  instructions which can help you to keep your  hair more smooth and shiny .hair can be beautiful  of many people but unfortunately  no one  knows the  correct way to wash hairs because everything demands the proper    care and  food so if you want to make your hair silky and shiny then you should adopt such ways of washing your hair which can  help you to  maintain   your hair long and silky.  Many things are  such which is not known  by  everyone  but these things should be learned  us  so these steps which are compulsory  in washing the hair are these   you should   must adopt  these  ways.
0+  how to wash my hair in right  way

•    First of all comb in your dry hair before bathing and must use the oil before showering   and use oil, massage before the 2 or 3 hour before washing your hair because when you will wash your hair you will feel your hair are silky and when you have massage the hair then comb in it very well no tangle remain in your hair. Don’t throw your long hair on the ground rather keep your hair in a tub and then wash it.
•    Secondly wet your hair properly and pour some shampoo in your  palm and rub on your  both palms and never  hang your head rather  gather your hair   on your head and then shampoo it  and when you feel the layer of shampoo is applying  on your whole  head then leave it for 15 to 2o seconds ,means do the shampoo  its work.
•     When it become absorbs in your hair then massage it with the pores of your finger never use your nail for the massage because it can   scratch your scalp and become the cause of dandruff  only massage in circulation motion almost do it for 20 minutes and when you feel your blood circulation is maintaining .
•    Now it’s time to rinse off the shampoo  because  it is  tough job to rinse of the all shampoo accurately because most of the girls can’t   wash out the shampoo in right way  and  not use too much hot water rather Luke warm water s good  because it is good for the circulation of blood. When you feel that all the shampoo is wash out then  wring your hair in  correct way and wait that your all hair’s  water became dry
•    Now your hair became clean and dust free and final touch is remain which we  will give the conditioner   take a good conditioner and pour some drops of conditioner on your palm and apply it on the edges of your hair  and at the end of your hair and  keep it on your hair for 10 minute and then rinse off  with cold water it will help you to  detangle hair and hydrate  damage  hair  and now your hair are silky and shiny.
1. how to wash my hair in right  way 2. how to wash my hair in right  way 3. how to wash my hair in right  way


don’t use local shampoos because they can damage your hair  always go with such shampoos that  are suited to your hair  and conditioner is so thick  you should wash out it very carefully   and in the wet hair don’t use the comb because the danger of  breakage and hair fall become  increased.


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