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How I can Forestall Hair Fall with Easy Home Remedies?

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Ways to Stop Hair Fall for Men & Women:

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Hair fall is a very common problem that is faced by every person of this world. No matter in which country you are living the problem is almost same. Keep in mind that a natural hair fall is not come into the category of hair loss. In natural hair loss a certain amount of hair loss is natural in both men & women. It is a natural cycle hair falls & grows. It is said that on average a head contains on about 100,000 hair follicles. On average a person loss almost 70 to 100 follicles every day. This is called natural hair loss. In one month, almost half an inch hair grows. Hair fall can occurs when you face more than 100 hair follicles loss every day. Hair fall may be due to much reason such as it may be;

i)    Hereditary
ii)    Patchy hair loss (hair fall from specific parts of head)
iii)    Head allergy
iv)    Tension/stress
v)    Migraine
vi)    Hormonal disorder
vii)    Fever & other diseases
viii)    Intake of drugs
ix)    Imbalance diet
x)    Dehydration

So, if you face hair fall problem then first of all you need to recognize its main cause. If a cause is recognized then try to cure the cause & ultimately you hair stops to fall. You can also try some easy & effective home remedies for reducing the hair fall. These are illustrated below. Take a look!

i)    Try to brush in your hair for about 15 min by keeping all hair at back side. Hair brushing makes blood circulation fast & your hair follicles become dynamic. Regenerate hair.
ii)    You can use olive oil for hair massage especially in winter season. This massage stops hair fall & leads towards hair growth.
iii)    Try to apply egg, yogurt & oil mask on hair. Make this mask by mix 1 egg, I cup of yogurt & 3 tablespoon of oil (any oil). Apply on hair. Let it dry for about half an hour. Now shampoo your hairs.
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iv)    Apply onion juice on hair for about 15 to 20 min. Then shampoo your hair.
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v)    Don’t comb in wet hairs. Let hair dry first & then comb.
vi)    Protect hair from frequent hair colors.
vii)    Protect hair from sweating.
viii)    Try to add honey in your diet plan because it helps in order to make hair beautiful.
ix)    Take proper diet. Add salmon, omega 3 based food items, eggs, proteins, milk, nuts, and spinach in your diet plan.
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x)    Eat fresh fruits & vegetables.

Hopefully these tips will help you a lot in order to prevent the hair fall.
How Stop Hair Fall (4)


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