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Tips for Cure & Say Goodbye to Hair Fall:

say good bye to hair fall (3)

say good bye to hair fall

As all we know that there are the millions of people are connected with the problem of hair fall in all over the world. Hair fall problem caused from the climate changes, stress, poor diet and constipation and sometimes it will come with the reaction of chemical treatment to hair. High chemical extract shampoo & conditioner also caused of hair fall. Here we have some beneficial remedies to cure hair fall are bring for you to prevent from hair fall. Let’s have a look to these below as:
1.    Hot oil treatment massage:

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It is best for prevent hair fall that you massage your hair with healthy extract & nourished factors oil base as coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil and
Omega 3 fatty acid based oil.

2.    Avoid chemical treatments:

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It is very necessary that avoid to the chemical treatment to the hair. It damage and weak the scalp and causes to hair fall in plenty.

3.    Avoid rub your hair vigorously with towel:

say good bye to hair fall (3)

To cure the hair fall, it is very important to love your hair and don’t rub your hair forcefully. Rub your hair softly and tries to get hair blow with cold penal. It cures the hair fall.

4.    Curd for hair loss prevention:
Curd is full of fatty acid factors and proteins which are very necessary for our hair. The massage of curd to the scalp is very beneficial to remove the dandruff and hair fall and gives the nourishment to the hair as a conditioner.

5.    Natural hair packs for hair fall:
Using the natural hair packs to the hair is also prevented from the hair fall. Because it is clean from chemical and hygienic extracts.

6.    Don’t tie your hair tight:
This fact keep in mind to catch your hair is that tightly catch hair into a high ponytail or a bun is causes to the hair fall. This act caused weakness of the scalp and hair become falling.

7.    Wide-toothed comb used to gently untangle hair:
Wide tooth comb into the hair is also preventing from hair fall. Wide tooth comb to the hair is also working as the exercise to the hair. It would helps to the better circulation of blood in head and stop to falling hair.

8.    Don’t comb to the wet hair:
To comb in wet hair is also caused for hair falling. So, avoid combing in wet hair and when hair is semi wet then you comb your hair gently in one direction.

9.    Use natural extracts shampoo & natural conditioner to hair:
Avoid to using the chemical extract shampoo and conditioner to hair it is also helps to falling hair. Tries to use the natural herbal extract shampoo and conditioner in hair.

10.    Drink natural fresh juices to cure hair fall:
For avoiding hair fall then must taking the proper and healthy diet for hair and skin. Drink the natural fresh juices to cure the hair falling. Fresh juices are helping to strong the head scalp

11.    Drinking the required water in a day:
As well as the fresh juice you must drink the 12 pure water glasses per day. This habit helps you to getting the glowing skin and healthy hair without hair falling.

12.    Natural homemade recipes to cure hair fall:
Natural homemade cheep products are also helps to you and prevented hair from falling. Here below we have some homemade hair packs which are perfect combinations for curing the hair falling in a positive direction. Let’s check out these:

•    Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is having the freshness in factors so it will helps to strong and clean the scalp and help to prevent falling.

•    Henna
Henna is also having the natural nourishment extracts so, it helps to cure the falling even gives the shiny, strong and sleek hair.

•    Baking Soda
Baking soda is also having the recovery extracts elements in it and it helps to prevent air from falling.

•    Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera gel is also preventing the hair falling. Natural base Aloe Vera gel allying as a mask to the hair and after dry it, you washed your hair from cold water.

•    Egg White Pack
Egg white hair pack is very beneficial for hair and also for skin. This hair mask gives the nourishment to the hair and moisturized them and prevented from hair falling.

•    Soap Nut (Reetha)
Soap nut is also having the natural nourishment for hair. Soap nut powder pack applying on hair and after drying it will washed with cool water. This act gives you the strong scalp hair and stop falling as well also.

•    Banana
Banana mask for hair is also remove the dandruff from scalp and make strong hair scalp and prevented from falling.

•    Apple cider vinegar
Applying the apple cider vinegar tonic to the scalp of hair is also help to prevent the hair falling.


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