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Major Causes of Hair Loss I Men Under 20

causes hair loss in men under 20 (7)

Hair loss in males:

causes hair loss in men under 20 (7)
Present age is suffering from hair los excessively even we find men are going to bald under their 20. According to a survey 65% men are facing the problem of hair loss and main reason of the majority for this problem is male pattern baldness. According to doctors aging and genetic are some of main problems. Stress is also noteworthy in this list. Under the 20 men are experiencing some of sort of hair problems. In this case hairs are fall from the head and grow at the back of hairs. Back hairs are also one of major cause of hair fall under 20.

Here w are sharing some basic and genuine reason which are actual responsible for hair fall under 20. These causes are medicated and habitual both. To know the reason of this flaw stay with us and take a serious study of these causes which are produce ill expression of your young look. Your young energetic look destroyed from bald head so to keep it avoid, first of all you have to know the reasons which are responsible for hair fall.

Excess of testosterone:

causes hair loss in men under 20 (1)
Most of men are suffering excess of testosterone which result lack of hairs, body does not know how to deal with this excess testosterone and result in hair falling from head.

Physical illness:
causes hair loss in men under 20 (2)

Some kinds of physical illness or disease cause hair fall. Illness as thyroid disease and syphilis symptoms revealed with hair fall. Kidney dysfunction also took the life of hairs and eave them unhealthy, dry and easily breakable.


causes hair loss in men under 20 (3)
Body symmetrically works due to different hormones, sometime symptom hormones produce excessively and their imbalanced production cause the hairs fall because body can not deal with these hormones positively right way.

Deficiency of zinc:
causes hair loss in men under 20 (4)

From diarrhea and eczema hair loss is appeared as a symptom if one has inedquate intake andiof body absorb zinc poorly.

Side effects of drugs:

causes hair loss in men under 20 (5)

Different kinds of drugs which contained lithium, warfarin, heparin, levodopa and beta-blockers mainly caused rapid hair fall. Some medications which are used for the cure of cancer are also caused rapid but temporary hair fall.

Unhealthy treatments with hairs:

causes hair loss in men under 20 (6)
Coloring, cornrows, belching, permimng and curling iron are tremendously harmful for hairs. All these treatments are snatched the natural beauty of hairs and consequently kill them. Excess use of heavy products or shampoo also cause the hair fall. Combing is also not recommended for hair’s life and their beauty.



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