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General & Exceptional Reasons of Hair Loss in Men & Women


Causes of Hair Loss in both Genders:


In this modern age the phenomenon of hair loss is becoming more common in both genders men & women. Every age of person is facing it. This problem starts to become more visible after 30’s. Men are more inclined to it but now day’s women are also prey of hair fall. But I think you never ever try to understand what the main reason behind your hair loss. Are you? Well, if your answer is no then don’t worry just try to recognize the main reasons that are causing hair loss by carry on reading this article because today’s topic is only for solving this waft. First of all, you should make clear that the hair loss is totally a different term from hair breakage & split ends. Hair loss means hair fall from the roots while hair breakage means the fracture of hairs from mid or near root or from bottom & the split ends as the name shows are those hairs which are splits in two or three parts from the bottom. So, hair loss occurs when your hair starts to fall from the roots. Hair loss is a more severe problem as compared from hair breakage or splits ends because due to hair loss your overall hair starts to become thin as hair fall leads towards reduction of total hair on head which in result makes your hair to look thin & sometimes when hair fall is rapid then it leads towards baldness. So, I think there is a great need to know what are real causes or reasons of hair loss because when you never know the actual reason then how you will cope with this problem. So, it’s better to know the actual reasons at first then think about treatment. Let’s have a look at some general as well as some exceptional reasons of hair fall.

Common Reasons of Hair Loss in Both Men & Women:

The causes which I am going to narrate here are commonly found in both genders. Hair fall is also known as alopecia or baldness. The term baldness is mostly used for men. But it is a fact that this situation is really very worrying & traumatic.

•    Diseases & Illness: The common reason of hair loses in men & women are the physical illness such as a person who is coping with a disease, long time fever, severe accidental problems etc. When people are facing a sever disease then for treating the diseases mostly doctors give medicine that medicines can cause hair fall. Different surgeries of head after accidents lead towards hair fall. Migraine or severe headache also sometimes leads towards hair fall. But these are common reason & generally it is observed that after recovery the hair starts to grow again. You just need to recover with healthy & balanced diet. Some diseases such as anemia (deficiency of red blood cells) & thyroid disease etc can also become causes of hair loss. So, treat these diseases if any. The cure of caner includes the heavy drugs, radiology treatment that causes hair loss. After proper cure the hair starts to grow again.  The people who different types of medicines for sleeping, sugar, diabetes, blood pressure, pain killers or antidepressants etc, they can also face hair loss problem so it is suggested to them that they should lower down the dose or switch with another medicines by consulting their doctor.
•    Genetic Reason: The hair fall problem may be genetic. I mean if the hairs of your grandparent’s or parent’s falls & similarly this will pass on to you through genes. This is also called heredity phenomenon. If this is the reason then try to cure it by using right hair products by consulting from hair specialists.

•    Stress: Stress or trauma is another reason of hair fall. It is directly related to your mind that is located in head. When you think a lot or you are mentally disturbed then your hair starts to fall. You need to solve the problem that is creating stressful situation for you. When you mind will be stress-free then ultimately your hair-fall problem will also be solved.
•    Diet Deficiencies: The lack of protein & vitamin b can cause hair loss. Protein always leads towards the healthy growth of hairs. So, check your diet plan. Whether it lacks proteins or not? If yes then increase the intake of fish (salmon), eggs, milk, seeds etc because these fulfills the deficiency of both vitamin B & Protein.
•    Weight Lose: We are observing in our surrounding that mostly men & women are facing overweight problem. So, they try to lose weight. They eat less & in this way deficiencies of different vitamins, proteins & iron occurs in their body that suddenly lose their weight but cause hair fall, unhealthy skin, paleness on skin, weakness & such other problems. If you are losing weight & facing hair fall problem Ithen try to take balanced diet.
•    Hair styling: t may another reason for hair fall. When you use hair sprays during styling then these directly hits the roots & makes them weak then ultimately hair fall starts. You use blow dry, curling machine, iron etc, during use of all these machines on hairs, your hair towed by you or by some other person that makes root weak & leads towards hair loss. The hairstyles that involve back combing or tightness usually affects hair roots & direct towards hair loss.
•    Hair Unhygienic:  When people never wash their hairs for too many days, keep their hair untangles & never care about proper shampooing then all these unhygienic habit cause hair fall. I think you know better what you should do in such case.
•    Dandruff: Lots of dry or oily dandruff on the scalp can cause dramatic hair loss. For treating dandruff you should consult from a dermatologist. You should massage hair scalps by using good quality olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc before washing hair. Try effective home remedies such as oil, egg & yogurt mixture (apply before one hour of washing hair) for removing dandruff.
•    Age: Age factor is another common reason of hair fall. As you become older your starts to lose your teeth, you joints become weak, you eyesight also affects. Exactly, you hair also starts to fall. So, it common but you can decrease the ratio of hair fall by giving proper attention to hair. Wash hair after proper gaps, comb regularly, use of oil massage idea almost twice in a week can help you a lot in order to diminish hair fall &

Exceptional Reasons of Hair Fall in Women:


Some exclusive reasons of hair fall in women are;

•    Pregnancy: During pregnancy or after pregnancy women face the hair fall phenomenon but it only because of a change into the hormonal change but after birth of a kid woman’s hairs starts to grow normally if she takes proper diet. Mostly hair fall occurs after the birth of kid but as she recovers the hair starts to become normal.
•    Use of Birth Control Pills: The use of birth control pills is another cause of hair loss. Consult your family doctor & ask for other medicines.
•    Monthly Hormonal Change: A disturbance in monthly periods (puberty) is another reason for hair fall.

Exceptional Causes of Hair Loss in Men:


Men can also face hair loss in some exceptional cases;

•    Male Baldness Outline: It is seen that if your father has M shape baldness around the forehead then you will also have in the future. Some men face the baldness pattern into the crown area & remaining hairs are hanging like a fringe ob left, right & back side of head.  The surgery, artificial hair transplant or use or re-growth hair medication or hair oils can cope with this problem.
•    Intake of Drugs for Stronger Muscles: The intake of drugs for bulking up the muscle causes hair loss but as you stop the use of such drugs then the hair fall stops.

These all reasons will help you to find out the actual cause of your hair loss. After spotting the right reason the next step is to consult a hair expert & solve the problem. Hairs are very important in order to get a graceful personality. So, don’t ignore your hairs. Starts care now!


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