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Effective Tips for Get Lengthy & Sleek Hairs for Girls

5 How to get long and silky hair for girls (2)

How you can get long, healthy sleek hairs?
Long & sleek hair is great desire of every girl because half beauty of women appreance depend on healthy long smooth hairs that’ reason they are always in search effectual ways to have long, healthy sleek hairs. Some naturally granted from gorgeous smooth length hairs by God that comes a fraction of family genes and others who have not, now don’t need to be more anxiety because here suggested useful & valuable ways to care hairs for growth, keep healthy & strong, look shiny & sleek.
Here, few natural treatments are shared for long & sleek hairs. Take a look!

1 Eat healthy food

1 healthy food for hairs
First of all, you make sure that your diet is consists of best healthy food in which proteins add things are included.  Raw vegetables, dry foods like almond, walnut, eggs and fruits should be in your daily food items for faster hair growth. These natural food items will work internally and show result outer in the form of natural shiny & dandruff free healthy long hairs.

2 Natural hair oils

2 natural oil for massage
Most effective secret for hair growth is regularly massage from natural healthy hairs because oils protect hair roots & nourish the scalp of head. Coconut oil, grape seed oil, Shea butter, tea tree oil, almond oil, avocado oil and olive oil are best natural products for hair growth massage.

3 Yogurt & egg mixture for hair conditioner

3 egg & yogurt mixture
This s most popular home remedy for hair natural shine, Get a whole egg & two or three table spoons unflavored yogurt & blend it well. Apply on hair scalp for 30 mints and rise with fresh water and check magically result.
4 Avoid chemical products

4 chemical products
This is most imperative point for you, if you really want healthy shiny hairs that strictly bane from chemical especially alcohol chemical products because these restrict the hair roots from growing and also spoil natural shine.

5 Some special common cares for long healthy hairs
•    Avoid from everyday use of  shampoo
•    Drape your hairs on shoulders during wash
•    Wash hairs with fresh water rather than warm
•    Don’t roughly rub wet hairs with towel
•    Don’t comb wet hairs
•    Trim your hairs edges after three months

5 How to get long and silky hair for girls (1) 5 How to get long and silky hair for girls (2) 5 How to get long and silky hair for girls (3)


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