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Different Methods of Getting Soft and Silky Hair in 2 Days

1 How to Get Soft and Silky Hair in 2 Days (4)

Hey ladies! Are you going somewhere and need soft and silky hair urgently in 2 days? Then be happy and doesn’t worry because I have some home remedies that instantly work and make your hair softer than ever. Everyone likes long and beautiful hair that’s why keeps in mind you have to care hair in anyway. There are a number of methods that you can apply on your hair and avoid split ends. Before telling you the instant way to get soft and silky hair I must want to advice some things through which you may improve growth and beauty of the hair.

1 How to Get Soft and Silky Hair in 2 Days (4)
•    Have a balanced diet so that you may have healthy hair and well growth
•    Always use genuine and good products for hair
•    Avoid chemicals because they make your hair dry and dull
•    Oiling on daily base has many  benefits
If you consider on these you have permanent beauty of hair. It is seen that when you have to go at some party or function there’s a panic of frizzy hair especially with those girls who have dull and dry hair. But guys this not the problem at all because the remedies and tips I want to share are amazing and magical.
To get silky and beautiful hair in 2 days
Get ready to discover magical treatment to put on hair. It doesn’t matter you have long hair or short just apply these tips to your hair and be a stunner.  You are well aware of the benefits of aloe wera and perhaps you apply aloe wera products or the scalp to skin. But today I recommend it for hair. Yes the scalp of aloe wera repairs the hair and protects them from bad effects.

Aloe Wera Gel

2 How to Get Soft and Silky Hair in 2 Days

Extract aloe wera scalp and apply this gel to hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it gently. Then condition the hair.

Oiling at night

You can take any type of oil but olive oil is best because it has great effects to the hair. Put the olive oiland massage it with fingers it will active the circulation of blood and good for strong hair. Go to sleep and leave it for whole night. At morning rinse it off.

Apply serum

After drying the hair you will look the difference before and after. But there may be frizzy hair. To solve this problem you may apply serum to hair available at market. This remedy has great effects as it will keep your hair shiny and silky.
Besides this I have some other tips you may act upon and make your hair more beautiful.

•    For smooth shiny hair add green vegetables and fruits to diet that will help in proper growth of hair
•    Oil in yogurt is the best conditioner for hair. Just put this hair mask for one or two hours after washing you will shocked at the stunning effects
•    One more way of curing dull hair is the mayonnaise mask to hair only for 30 minutes.
•    Eggs are amazing to repair split ends and dandruff. You may mix oil in egg and try this mask at hair
•    Mehandi extract from the leaves without mixing of any chemical is natural conditioner for hair. Mix it with egg ad oil and just look at your change hair
•    You may mix vinegar in water and put on hair instead of using readymade conditioner. But this can dry the skin that’s why use it 2 times in a year

I am sure acting upon these DIY remedies you will enjoy the beauty of hair. Leave your comments after trying these tips.

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