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The Reaction of Hair Dye on Your Hair and Body

The hair dye side effects or your hairs (6)

Hair is very sensitive and important part of human body if everybody wants to desire a thick hair especially girls are very desirous for the healthy and thicker hair because hair is beauty of a woman and many girls are liked by their hair. Girls who remain conscious about every style whether it is in their dressing, home decoration, their beautification etc.It is fact that girls have right to beautify themselves but when we try to destroy the natural beauty we have to seen bad effects which never can be accurate because God has given such opportunities which are use full for us but when we try to change His natural things we have to face disaster. Here I am talking about the hair dye which is very popular among the ladies and many colors are introduced by different companies .For our fashion we apply different colors which become the cause of hair damage. You can know many reactions of hair dye through this post.

Various diseases through hair colors:

•    First of all the first thing which is with your hair is the damage of your hair because when you are dying your hair then many chemicals which are harmful for the hairs and when we apply it the growth of hair is stop and they become frizzy and  dry. When we apply the hair color to hide grey we never think in which way our hairs are affected by this color.
•    Secondly the hair dye can cause of dandruff when you do hair dye then you see you feel a large quantity of dandruff because hair color can finish your all shine and your hair becomes rough grass. Nobody knows which color is real and which fake because every color is not suited on everyone because may be 1 color is good for you but when that color is applying by other it will become cause of allergic.
•    Asthma is a  fatal disease because which disease can effect on our breathe  how  you can take t very little because it create problem to  a healthy breathe .The  PPD  which are  add in the  hair dye become the cause of asthma and these chemical are very dangerous for us.
•    Hair dye  which  spread rapidly among the girl cause breakage of hair when you do hair dye whether  it is striking ,ombre and  full dye it  become the reason of your hair fall  ,you can see you  have thick hair not so much but healthy enough you can hold easily in your hands but after one or two month you feel yourselves the  volume of your hair is reduce day by day and in every wash many hair is falling and when you are combing again breakage of your hair these all are because of the hair dye.
•    You all are well known about the dangerous disease of cancer which was incurable during previous years but now science has developed but the side effect of hair dye can cause cancer may be it can incurable because dangerous chemical destroy our lungs and become the cause of breast cancer also .Doctors forbid the ladies to avoid the hair colors because it can effected on our hormones.
•    Skin allergic, rashes and allergic on scalp is also indulge in the reactions of hair dye. Many red spots and rashes on the neck and the skin of your head .Near your eyes you see swelling then you should immediately consult from a dermatologist and proper treatment may inhale your wounds because eyes are very sensitive organism  and any chemical can bad impact on the eyes and we can lost our eye sight.

So in my suggestions you should adopt such fashions which have no side effect because which thing that has some reactions and that reactions are very fatal and cause different incurable disease  .So guys please beware of the bad effects of hair dye because health is first and then any fashion can be adopted because a sick person can’t be move like a healthy person.

The hair dye side effects or your hairs ( 8) The hair dye side effects or your hairs ( 9) The hair dye side effects or your hairs (1) The hair dye side effects or your hairs (2) The hair dye side effects or your hairs (3) The hair dye side effects or your hairs (4) The hair dye side effects or your hairs (5) The hair dye side effects or your hairs (6) The hair dye side effects or your hairs (7)


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