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Increase The Length Of Your Damaged Hair Naturally With Easy Tips

how to make your damaged hair grow faster (1)

Having long length hair is the nightmare of every woman and women blessed with long hair are lucky enough because they don’t have struggle hard. Women with short length hair struggle hard to grow their hair and they use different medications for this.

Sometimes it can be dangerous for health to use medications while with some home remedies; they can get long hair in natural way. We have collected some home tips and ideas to damaged hair grow faster naturally. Keep in mind that it cannot grow overnight, be patience and follow these ideas carefully.

Regular trim:

Trimming is the most important part of regaining healthy hair. Everyone should get regular trim to make hair healthy and long because regular trimming keeps up with breakage. The ends of long hair get dry and frizzy very quickly and if you snip off half an inch every month, you can get healthy hair or make them grow faster.

Healthy or balanced diet:

To increase the length of your hair and to get strong, healthy hair, everyone should take healthy or balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals. Eat plenty of hair-healthy foods that contain protein, omega3 fatty acid, iron etc.

nuts, flax seeds, salmon, sardines and avocados are excellent for promoting healthy hair growth. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, when you are dehydrated, your hair can end up by getting dry and brittle.

Give your scalp oil massage:

Make a habit of massage your scalp with good oil at least once a week to get healthy long hair. Massage promotes the blood circulation in the scalp which helps hair grow strong and healthy. Use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, castor oil and any natural oil do you like.

how to make your damaged hair grow faster (1) how to make your damaged hair grow faster (2) how to make your damaged hair grow faster (3) how to make your damaged hair grow faster (4)


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