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How I can Repair my After Straightening Damaged Hair?

how to prevent hair damage after straightening tips (1)

Easy Ways of Stopping Hair Damaged after Straightening:

In this age of fashion, almost every lady is very much conscious about her beauty. She wants to look flawless & in this regard, she never afraid from using modern products on her face, hair & body. She has the courage to bear lot of pain for looking beautiful. When, it comes to hair then once again she wants shinny, straight & beautiful hairs. For this purpose she use lots of hair products on her hair. She never hesitates from using hair curlers, hair straightening & hair dryer machines on her hairs. It is also a fact that over use of these products & machines ultimately leads towards the hair damaged. Now days, lots of ladies are facing the problem of hair damaged due to straightening & curling. Now they are searching the solutions of this problem. So, dear, don’t worry because today I am here with some very easy ways to treat your damaged hairs after straightening. Let’s have a look at these points!
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•    First of all, it is a fact that in this age of modernism hair straightening becomes very necessary & no one can stop herself from doing this. So, it is better for you to buy a high quality machine that offers different heating points. Mostly the low cost straightening machines have extreme heating points that damage your hairs while a machine with a range of different points allows you to set a suitable heating point according to your hair type. If you have fine hair then you need lowest heat for your hairs. For personal use I think the highest heating point should be avoided.
•    When you use iron directly on your hair then this iron makes your hair dry due to direct heat pressure. It is a fact that this process makes your hairs to look shinny, sparkling & smooths for a short period of time but in the long run your hairs looks rough, dry, frizzy & damaged by drying the most outer layer of hair cuticle. So, what you should do is to use thermal protectants. These protectants will protect your hairs from direct heat.
•    Try to keep the straightening machine on hair for less time. Put your hair in straighter but pull down quickly. In this way your hair will in touch of heat but only for a less period of time.
•    Learn some styling hair techniques from a skillful stylist.
•    Try to wash your damaged hair with a gentle shampoo that goes best with your hair texture almost trice in a week.
•    When you wash your hair then don’t forget to use conditioner for about 3 min.
•    Try deep conditioning treatment almost twice in a month. Use mayonnaise for it. Apply it on hair for about 15 to 20 min & then wash your hairs. You can get a deep conditioning treatment from a hair salon also.

how to prevent hair damage after straightening tips (1)
•    Try to make a mask for damaged hairs at home. Take an avocado. Mesh it very well. Now add olive oil in it. Make a thick paste. Now, keep it on the stove or in microwave oven for about 1 or 2 min. apply lukewarm paste on hairs like a mask. For about half an hour & then wash your hairs. It will surely help you to repair the damaged hairs.
•    Trimming of hairs from the bottom is also a best idea to repair the damaged hairs.
•    Try to give proper moisture to your hair by massaging hair regularly with accurate hair oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil etc (that suit your hair type best).
•    Try to eat proteins based food items so that you can repair your hairs from inside.

Hopefully, these measurements can helps you a lot in order to treat your damaged hairs.

how to prevent hair damage after straightening tips (2)


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