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Best Ideas to Get rid of Frizzy Hair after Shower

ideas how to stop frizzy hair after shower 2

The most common problem for girls is to bear out frizz in hair. It is due to the humidity that contributes to get frizz and sometimes due to the lack of moisture as the day go ahead right in the mid day. Have you ever noticed you have styled your hair with a sophisticated hairstyle but suddenly a disaster in your hair when you enter in the humid place or where suffocation lies. Well I often become victim of the problem in a result frizzy hair is there to welcome me. it also happens in the hair that is thin and dry even after taking shower when it’s time to dry the hair get frizz and you are helpless that how to tackle that problem mostly when you have to go out. I find some precautions to defrizz hair when you have to take shower.  These ideas will help you to maintain the hair in a position with total lack of frizz.
ideas how to stop frizzy hair after shower 1
?    First the most important thing is to hydrate yourself completely with the enough quantity of water that will not only save you from hair problems but from skin too. a good diet full of protein and other nutrients that hair need the most, must take so that the hair may strong carry natural sebum that helps your strands to prevent frizz.

?    A good type of shampoo with no harmful chemicals readily helps your hair to not get frizz after shower. Chemicals existed in the shampoo also dry out the hair to welcome frizz and kill the natural way of getting moisture from roots

?    Always condition your hair after shampooing as this will save your hair to dry but avoid applying it to roots area I mean scalp of the shafts this will hurrily affects your hair brutally weakens the strands.

?    Let your hair dry in the open hair without using a towel dry method. Just detangle the hair with the tips of the fingers softly.

?    Deep condition your follicles once in a week or once in a month that will bestow your hair with the proper nutrients and protein, helps in the growth and the maintenance of frizzy hair.

?    I have found an easy way to get rid of the frizzy hair. Apply hot olive oil and massage it at night. Let it be for all night and rinse it in the next morning this way really works of preventing frizzy hair.

?    Instead of using towel for wet hair try a t shirt that is also used to tame frizz. Towel creates friction between hair and the fabric that causes dryness and resultantly frizzy hair.

?    Use wide toothed comb to detangle hair. Too much heat styling can destruct the natural moisture of hair and get the hair frizz forever.

?    Use curly hair cream or serum after taking shower that protects the hair against frizz.

?    Don’t shampoo your hair frequently as this is the way of killing follicles blessed with natural oil called sebum.

?    Try homemade mask or remedies for the nourishment of hair. Protein masks musty be applied twice a week.

ideas how to stop frizzy hair after shower 2


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