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Best Home Remedies To Treat Premature Graying Permanently

how to get rid of gray and white hairs (5)

White hairs at young age become a very common problem these days and white hair makes everyone feel embarrassed. This post will work great for those who are suffering from this major issue and want to get rid of white hairs at any cost.

We have gathered some useful tips and home remedies to fight this problem and we are hope that by following these tips one can turn white hair into black.

Oiling is one of the best and natural ways to get rid of white hair. In this modern world, mostly teenagers and youngsters are reluctant to oiling; this is one of the primary reasons to have weak hair follicles that result in thin hair, dull hair and white hair at very young age.

If you love your hair, don’t miss oiling your scalp on regular basis and try to use almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and your favorite herbal oil to nourish your hair.

Mehndi or henna is a natural dye and scalp healing herb, it protects your hair against whitening but it also erases the appearance of existing white hair. Combine henna paste with egg, yogurt, mustard oil, aloe vera gel,

coffee powder etc and apply this pack once a week to keep premature hair whitening at bay.  You can dye your white hair without using the chemical based hair dye product.

Use black tea to treat your white hair because it works best with prematurely grey hair. You can make a natural hair dye by using just two ingredients, water and black tea. Mix the black tea leaves in water and leave for two to three hours then boil it, allow the tea cool down in room temperature.

Strain the tea and apply it onto your hair for an hour and then rinse the tea out with cold water and don’t use shampoo. Amla is another excellent remedy to treat premature graying; it has antiaging benefits being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

It can be used in the form oil or paste to revitalize your natural hair pigment, mix amla oil and almond oil in equal proportions and massage your scalp with this combination oil every night. Onion juice is the most unusual natural ways to get rid of grey hair. Extract the onion juice using a blender or juicer and then apply it onto your hair and scalp and leave fit for an hour.

how to get rid of gray and white hairs (1) how to get rid of gray and white hairs (2) how to get rid of gray and white hairs (3) how to get rid of gray and white hairs (4) how to get rid of gray and white hairs (5) how to get rid of gray and white hairs (6)


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